Comment 6 for bug 347601

I understand what you mean now about placing the bug report under the wrong
package section. Yes this was my fault and yes I did misinterpret what you
wrote yesterday. Apologies for that.

I have reported several bugs and find the whole process via the launchpad to
be incredibly complicated for some one new to Linux who just simply wants to
report a bug. In fact I have had some bugs that I wanted to report such as
my memory amount not showing correctly in the system monitor section yet
when I went to report it via Launchpad I couldn't! No matter what I wrote it
wouldn't send.

I really do feel that launchpad should be made much more easy and packages,
etc clearly laid out instead of using cryptic wording which unless you are a
Linux expert you wouldn't know what they are, without doing a lot of
research. Yes I could research and learn about packages etc but that takes
time. I need to report bugs now!

I personally find it incredibly frustrating for a Linux newbie to go through
this whole process especially considering that you also have to get used to
using Linux as well. I'm trying very hard to help the Linux community by
reporting bugs but sometimes I question myself is all this really worth it?
What would be a better system is one that would allow any error report which
could be made via the operating system so then the user just clicks a button
maybe fills out a few sentences to describe what happened then its sent, now
that would be so much easier.

Apologies if my comments are inappropriate in this section but the Linux
developers really do need to know the feelings of people like me who've just
come over to Linux and if things get too complicated people like me will
eventually become frustrated and just find an alternative operating system.

2009/4/8 Charlie_Smotherman (porthose) <email address hidden>

> No, I am afraid you have misinterpreted what I have said. Ampache-
> themes has nothing to do with the gnome-desktop package. Ampache-Themes
> are not available at for download and they have never
> been available for download at The only place that you
> can download ampache-themes is from the ubuntu/debian repos and
> This bug should actually be placed against the gnome-desktop package
> as the themes
> that are available on are for the gnome-desktop package
> and not ampache-themes. So please open a bug against the gnome-desktop
> package at and
> place the above information in the new bug as this information would be
> useful to the gnome-desktop team. The above information does not
> pertain to the ampache-themes package, and as such is an invalid bug.
> For further information on "how to find the right package" to report
> bugs against, please have a look at the following links:
> Once again I would suggest that you read as much documentation as you
> can, make use of IRC, mailing lists, and the Ubuntu Forums as there is a
> wealth of information available on these resources for the new user.
> Best Regards
> Charlie
> --
> Problem installing and reinstalling themes
> You received this bug notification because you are a direct subscriber
> of the bug.
> Status in “ampache-themes” source package in Ubuntu: Invalid
> Bug description:
> Tried to install themes from and most that I chose gave a
> message that the theme was installed correctly but upon looking for the
> actual theme it wasn't present yet they had been partially installed as when
> I chose another theme and went to customise that theme under the control and
> border sections the other supposedly installed themes were present. Another
> problem is when trying to re-install the themes I get the message
> 'installation for theme (name of theme) failed. Cant move directory over
> directory.' I get the same error message when deleting a theme then trying
> to reinstall it. I'm using Ubuntu jaunty alpha 6 fully updated.
> Update: Problem fixed with jaunty beta