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altos (1.9.2-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  [ Bdale Garbee ]
  * Releasing: capture notes from 1.9.1 release
  * Releasing: add TeleMetrum v3.0 firmware to production list
  * doc: update copyright year in footers, note need to check this doc/RELNOTEs
  * update info on using separate pyro batteries to encourage including a switch
  * update TeleMega production scripts for v4.0
  * include TeleMega v4 in list of firmware included in fat build and LLC repo
  * update copyright assertion in TeleLaunch manual
  * update ChangeLog for release 1.9.2

  [ Keith Packard ]
  * altos: Initial bits for TeleMega v4.0
  * altos: Build TeleMega v4.0 bits
  * altos: Use AO_TICK_TYPE/AO_TICK_SIGNED for lco/pad code
  * altos: Make debug telemini firmware a bit easier to build
  * altos: TeleMini beeper is on Tim2 CH4, not Tim3 CH4
  * altos: Disable ao_btm debug. Avoids breaking 's' command
  * altos: Always start application if boot pin isn't in use
  * Generate altosdroid/app/build.gradle at configure time
  * Force using opensdk-8 to build altosdroid
  * Bump altosdroid version to 20, always build release apk
  * Use 'must' instead of 'should' in reference to switch for pyro battery
  * altosdroid: Switch to NotificationCompat
  * altosdroid: Request fine location permission if not already granted
  * altosdroid: Check if the telem service is running when bluetooth gets enabled
  * Bump version to build a new android app -- 1.9.1c
  * altosdroid: Add text size selection
  * Bump version to build a new android app (23)
  * altosdroid: Use custom dialog themes for all dialogs
  * altosdroid: Fix a pile of compile warnings
  * altosdroid: Change tracker selection dialog
  * altosdroid: Ignore 'build.gradle', which is built from a .in file
  * altosdroid: Add helper 'makefile'
  * altosui: Set idle mode frequency before starting link
  * altosdroid: When the user switches frequency, look for something there
  * Bump version to build a new android app (25)
  * altosdroid: Use select tracker dialog when deleting a tracker
  * altosdroid: Make frequency changes during idle mode work
  * altosdroid: Change layout of idle mode dialog a bit
  * altoslib: Reset consecutive GPS count when GPS bad
  * altos: Fix wiring mistakes for TeleMega v4.0
  * altos: Add new telemetry packet format for TeleMega v4
  * altos: Create new log format for TeleMega v4
  * altoslib: Add 'gauss' units for magnetic field strength
  * altosuilib: Add fourth column to info table
  * altoslib: Store IMU accel ground data in converted values
  * altoslib: Add support for TeleMega v4
  * altoslib: Move 'state_name' API to AltosCalData
  * altoslib: Report whether GPS data contains new location/sat info
  * altoslib: Re-initialize cal data for eeprom record set
  * altoslib: Report raw baro height instead of kalman filtered value
  * altosuilib: Put units on GPS altitude and height in info table
  * altoslib: Pass all flight records while reading telem file
  * doc: updates for 1.9.2
  * altosui: Add TeleMega v4.0 firmware to altosui packaged bits
  * altosuilib: Eliminate a couple java compiler warnings
  * Bump version for new android upload
  * altos: Log BMX160 data when present
  * altos: Copy BMX160 data to data ring
  * altos: Get BMX160 initialized correctly
  * altoslib: Remove ADXL375 debug noise
  * ao-tools: Add TeleMega v4.0 to ao-eeprom
  * altos: Init BMX160 more carefully
  * altoslib: Correct IMU axes for telemetry data
  * ao-tools: Handle TeleMega v4.0 telemetry in ao-telem
  * altos: Adjust comment about how the BMX160 is oriented
  * altos/altoslib: BMX160 Y axis gyro direction is opposite from MPU
  * altoslib: Fix Tmega v4 eeprom parsing
  * libaltos: Delay freeing serial device until not busy
  * altoslib: Correct sign of telemega v4 pitch
  * altoslib: Remove hard-coded accel scale for mega eeprom
  * altosuilib, altoslib: Add azimuth and compass to reports
  * altos/telemega-4.0: Fix signs of IMU pitch and mag across
  * altos/bmx160: Compute µT in bmx160 driver using trim data
  * altoslib: BMX160 driver now returns µT values for mag sensor
  * Bump java lib versions in preparation for 1.9.2
  * Set doc version and date from package version and release date
  * Bump version to 1.9.2, android 27
  * Bump java lib versions in preparation for 1.9.2
  * altoslib: Add TeleMega-v4 adxl375 config to AltosConfigData
  * Bump version to 1.9.2, android 27
  * Set doc version and date from package version and release date
  * Bump java lib versions in preparation for 1.9.2
  * Bump version to 1.9.2, android 27
  * altoslib: Remove debug printf from
  * libaltos: Create altos_pause_one_second API
  * Bump java lib versions in preparation for 1.9.2
  * Bump version to 1.9.2, android 27

 -- Bdale Garbee <email address hidden>  Tue, 25 Feb 2020 23:58:43 -0700

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Bdale Garbee on 2020-02-26
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Bdale Garbee
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altos: Altus Metrum firmware and utilities

 Firmware and utilities needed to support high power model rocketry products
 from Altus Metrum, including TeleMetrum, TeleMini, and TeleDongle.
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altos-dbgsym: debug symbols for altos