Comment 96 for bug 1040873

David Henningsson (diwic) wrote :

> - [quite annoying] when I use rhythmbox or banshee, I ALWAYS have to resetup mode in the sound settings panel or the
> subwoofer won't work. When I say always, I mean between each song! So I have to set mode to anything else than "Analog
> surround 2.1" and then back to "Analog surround 2.1"...
> - [not important?] Pulse is complaining a lot in my syslog:

These two are probably related. It looks like pulseaudio is restarting for some reason. Could you see if you could reproduce it with a PulseAudio verbose log ( )? I e, start PulseAudio in verbose mode, play songs, and see if the command quits unexpectedly.