Comment 27 for bug 1040873

sami (miaousami) wrote :


I downgraded pulseaudio : sudo apt-get install pulseaudio=1:1.1-0ubuntu15
It's working again.
So it has to do with the las upgrade of pulse audio (1:1.1-0ubuntu15.2)...

Anyway, I also noticed that there are changes in Pin names (i don't know when it changed, but it differs from my initial post) :
- The subwoofer PIN is now called "internal speaker"
Pin 0x1e (Internal Speaker): present = Yes
- The S/PDIF output, which is mutualized with earphone output is now called "black hp out"
Pin 0x21 (Black HP Out): present = No

@Raymond : there is no led near the subwoofer jack or near the spdif/earphone jack.