Alltray 0.69 Icons have wrong backgrounds in Lucid Beta1

Bug #545852 reported by avb
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alltray (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

The light gray backgrounds of the tray icons generated by Alltray don't match the new dark panel theme of Lucid Lynx. It looks like Alltray is using the old humanity icons. The attached screenshot shows gwibber and evolution.

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avb (avbweb) wrote :
Robert Hall (reh07)
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Andreas Rohner (andy641-gmx) wrote :

I have the same problem. I attached the output of alltray -d thunderbird

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Michael B. Trausch (mtrausch) wrote :

I will look to see about patching this soon in AllTray upstream; however, this is a bug that should also be against Ubuntu. Adding Ubuntu to the bug.

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Lucio Carreras (luciocarreras-deactivatedaccount) wrote :


I fixed the problem for getting the wrong background in alltray. I didn't work on the 0.69 Version but on the 0.71a old-maintenance.

I made a patch, everybody is invited to control it and to grouch, if it is not working.

Just run

patch -p0 < PanelBackgroundPatch.patch

in the ./src folder of the project

The patch then is applied to trayicon.c

I just read the background color of the panel and set the background color of the icon manually.

Just run ./configure, make, and sudo make install in the parent path.

Good night and best regards,

Lucio Carreras

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Michael B. Trausch (mtrausch) wrote : Patch for this issue

If I can get two people to confirm that the patch on bug 545852 works
for them, I will merge this patch (with changes to honor the optional
configure-time compiling-out of gconf functionality) into AllTray's old
maintenance branch.

 --- Mike

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mqlmql (mqlmql) wrote :

I have 0.69 version, and I downloaded 0.71a version.
How can I update or install it?
Your instruction is confusing, and I failed to follow.
Any easier method?

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Miguel Guedes (miguelg) wrote :

I don't think Lucio's fix works given what I was able to understand from his comments posted above by Michael. But I am too waiting for a fix to the same issue :-). Screenshot:

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Lucio Carreras (luciocarreras-deactivatedaccount) wrote :

Sorry for confusing you. Here I give you the instructions again step by step. Don't be afraid, this workaround only will last at most 5 minutes.

1. Remove alltray by typing into the terminal: sudo apt-get remove alltray

2. Get the source code of alltray 0.71a:

3. Unpack it.

4. Download the PanelBackgroundPatch.patch from this site

5. Copy the patch into the src folder of alltray's source code

6. Open a terminal an go to the src folder of alltrays source code

7. Patch the trayicon.c file by typing: patch -p0 < PanelBackgroundPatch.patch

8. cd ..

9. ./configure (maybe you need some development packages)

10. make

11. sudo make install

12. Set the color of your panel manually with Right click on panel -> Properties -> Background -> Solid Color

Now I hope your alltray will work.

Best regards,


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mqlmql (mqlmql) wrote :

I installed, but it doesn't work correctly.
I can't click the window for dock.

It only works when I type 'alltray thunderbird' from terminal. (if i close termianl, tray icon disapears)

I also changed command from system > preference > main manu > thunderbird, but it still doesn't work.

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Miguel Guedes (miguelg) wrote :

Doesn't work in my end either, Luke.

Did everything as you described in your post and, although I managed to get the newly compiled & linked alltray to work, the panel background color was now white instead of the color I'd manually set on the panel's properties.

Thanks for the patch though!

PS: On Lucid.

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Miguel Guedes (miguelg) wrote :

BTW, by "panel background color" above I actually meant ICONS background colors of 'trayed' applications.

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Lucio Carreras (luciocarreras-deactivatedaccount) wrote :

My patch only considers the panel on screen 0. There mustn't be any transparency in this panel. This means, that the slider has to be most right. I am sorry for the trouble with it. I coded it for myself and I hoped, that it will run everywhere as good, as it does at my computer. I will see over the code tomorrow again.

The birds are already singing again... I have to go go bed.

Good night

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quickridge (amhankin) wrote :

Alternatively, I found that the newest development version, altray 0.7.4dev, also solves the problem. Here's the link:

Despite being a development version, the program seems very stable to me (I only use it to dock evolution in the system tray so there could be more problems them I'm aware of). However, as alltray's website states, there is decreased functionality. The things that affect me are the following:

- You have to hide/show the program using the system tray icon. If you hit the window's close button the program closes.
- There is no '-st' option which forces the program to appear on all workspace rather than just one (e.g. alltray -st evolution).

I deal with the latter using the 'devilspie' program and the former doesn't bother me too much.

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jpfle (jpfle) wrote :
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Natim (site-remy) wrote :
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