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Bug #1647333: adduser misses extrausers support for group management Critical Confirmed 106 weeks

From: Oliver Grawert
Link: usermod-extrausers-group.patch

fix a typo ...

Bug #549117: users are not added to "users" group (empty, broken behaviour) Undecided Confirmed 460 weeks

From: ceg
Link: re-enable-EXTRA_GROUPS-users.patch


Bug #489136: patch: makes adduser.conf a symlink to a profile (provides switchable profile feature to all frontends) Wishlist Triaged 477 weeks

From: ceg
Link: initial-profiles.patch

initial patch to support adduser profiles

Bug #463562: libvirt-bin Karmic upgrade fails when invalid users exist in /etc/group Low Confirmed 481 weeks

From: Dustin Kirkland 
Link: out


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