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Bug #1396429: [Lenovo ThinkPad ?40 series] Wireless key cannot turn BT off Low New 338 weeks

From: Adam Lee
Link: 0001-respond-Lenovo-ThinkPad-40-series-Fn-F8.patch


Bug #1096641: Patch to remove Bashism in /usr/share/acpi-support/power-funcs Low New 448 weeks

From: Antonis Kanouras
Link: power-funcs_remove-bashism.patch


Bug #665561: acpi_fakekey doesn't generate a "synchronization" event Undecided Confirmed 563 weeks

From: Stefano Facchini
Link: acpi_fakekey.c


Bug #217182: Rotate Screen in TabletPC stylus and pointer mouse not coincidence Medium Triaged 576 weeks

From: Zeyelth
Link: rotatescreen.patch

Patches to update tablet orientation

Bug #506445: [patch] Lenovo Thinkpad T61, x61: FN + F5 does not enable or disable the internal wwan Medium Confirmed 592 weeks

From: Torsten Spindler
Link: ibm-wireless-8states.patch


Bug #295809: Patch for fixing LCD brightness on sony vaio VGN-FE31H Undecided New 664 weeks

From: José M. Vaz
Link: laptop-keys-sony-vaio.patch

patch adds acpi brightness events matching my sony vaio laptop

Bug #159026: Lenovo Thinkpad x41 Tablet, X60 Tablet and X200 Tablet rotate events Medium Confirmed 698 weeks

From: Florian Hackenberger
Link: acpi_support_thinkpad_swivel_events.debdiff

Debdiff for the changes outlined above

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