Comment 12 for bug 1574278

William Geiger (whgiii-q) wrote :

I was reading some post on the Arch site and it seems compiling with GTK2 rather than GTK3 resolved the problem. I just build 3.0.1-7 package from source on my machine (using GTK3). The flickering issue seems to be down to just the cursor but I have some other build issues I need to look into.

FWIW the latest update is causing a conflict with libtidy on my system. Abiword want's the old libtidy-0.99-0 but the new libtidy5 (1:5.2.0-1) want's to have it's libs installed in the same place with the same name. As a temporary fix I uninstalled the old libtidy, installed the new libtidy5 and libtidy-dev. The only compile issue I ran into is ./configure looking for tidy/buffio.h wich is now tidy/tidybuffio.h. I just created buffio.h and linked it to tidybuffio.h. To get it to compile, do not know the consequences of doing so yet.

As I said before I have some other build issues I have to address, but I do have the program up and running, don't want to hijack this thread with it but if anyone is interested please contact me.