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Bug #1665097: [Hyper-V] SAUCE: pci-hyperv fixes for SR-IOV on Azure Medium Fix Committed linux 6 weeks

From: Joshua R. Poulson
Link: 0002-pci-hyperv-lock-pci-bus-on-device-eject.patch


Bug #1643750: Buffer Overflow in ZipInfo Low Triaged unzip 6 weeks

From: Josef Möllers
Link: cve-2016-9844.patch


Bug #1664352: dhclient-script doesn't use configured metric for rfc3442 classless routes Undecided Confirmed isc-dhcp 6 weeks

From: Tom Carroll
Link: dhclient-rfc3442-ifmetric.patch

Support IF_METRIC for rfc 3442 routes

Bug #1618188: systemd journal should be persistent by default: /var/log/journal should be created; remove rsyslog from default installs Wishlist Triaged systemd 6 weeks

From: Bryan Quigley
Link: systemd_232-17ubuntu2.debdiff


Bug #1618188: systemd journal should be persistent by default: /var/log/journal should be created; remove rsyslog from default installs Wishlist Triaged ubuntu-meta 6 weeks

From: Bryan Quigley
Link: systemd_232-17ubuntu2.debdiff


Bug #1656248: Changing the order of monitors leads to off-screen windows Undecided New compiz 6 weeks

From: Cs-gon
Link: compiz_fix_monitor_reconfiguration_2.patch


Bug #1593502: samba apparmor profile log entries for /var/run/msg.lock/* Undecided Confirmed samba 6 weeks

From: mike
Link: usr.sbin.smbd_fix.patch


Bug #1215504: allow luks encrypted casper-rw persistent file (patch) Wishlist Triaged casper 6 weeks

From: Glenn Washburn
Link: ubuntu-16.10-desktop-amd64-encrypt-persist.patch

patch to add encryption to persistent file when using livecd functionality

Bug #1246364: update-notifier does not show a tray icon in xubuntu Low Confirmed update-notifier 6 weeks

From: Forest
Link: restore_reboot.patch


Bug #1653686: VNC console page gets too slow when with Google Chrome Undecided Confirmed novnc 7 weeks

From: Michael Eischer
Link: vnc-jsunzip-ring.js.patch


Bug #1663281: opendir("ssh2.sftp://..") fails after upgrade to 7.0.13 from xenial-updates Undecided New php-ssh2 7 weeks

From: David Hedberg
Link: php_url_parse.diff

Patch against php-ssh2-0.12-39-g3dfe336+0.12

Bug #1564778: package libsane-common 1.0.25+git20150528-1ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/etc/sane.d/hp.conf', which is also in package libsane:i386 1.0.23-3ubuntu3.1 High In Progress sane-backends 7 weeks

From: Rolf Leggewie
Link: lp1564778-xenial.debdiff

debdiff for xenial

Bug #1659581: kpatch ADT test failures with 4.10 kernels Undecided New kpatch 7 weeks

From: Seth Forshee
Link: 0001-kmod-core-use-save_stack_trace_tsk.patch


Bug #1600136: App indicator does not show icon for Qt apps or with custom icons High In Progress snapd 7 weeks

From: Marco Trevisan (Treviño)
Link: qdbustrayicon-try-to-save-temp-icons-in-readable-location-v2.debdiff


Bug #1575354: Connecting to VPN times out after 25 seconds if login credentials not entered Low Confirmed network-manager 7 weeks

From: Tom Carroll
Link: increase_timeout_for_get_secrets.diff

increase waiting time for secret input

Bug #1652091: xargs not contained in initramdisk Medium Confirmed dropbear 7 weeks

From: scott28
Link: dropbear.patch


Bug #1662164: ldapscripts.passwd uses insecure permissions by default Medium Incomplete ldapscripts 7 weeks

From: Dan Bishop
Link: ldapscripts_2.0.6-1ubuntu2.debdiff


Bug #1662226: htmldoc-1.8.27-8ubuntu1 put incorrect links into pdf Undecided New htmldoc 7 weeks

From: Andrey Batyiev
Link: fortify_fail.patch

Replacement for strcpy-to-memcpy-fix-ftbfs.patch

Bug #1257153: Option "AreaBottomEdge" ignores other areas when active Undecided Confirmed xserver-xorg-input-synaptics 7 weeks

From: Fabien Chéreau
Link: fix_multitouch_outside_area.patch


Bug #1639297: Hard coded paths prevent usage in snaps Undecided New maliit-framework 8 weeks

From: Michael Sheldon
Link: 0017-maliit-config-path-environment-variable.patch


Bug #1453330: pull-{lp,debian}-source not getting source for binary because DDE is dead High Triaged ubuntu-dev-tools 8 weeks

From: Dan Streetman
Link: lp1453330-zesty.debdiff


Bug #1661401: libopenscap8: missing dependency resulting in missing OVAL objects support Undecided New openscap 8 weeks

From: Alan Guan
Link: openscap-1.2.8.patch

enable systemdunit support by adding libdbus-1-dev as a required build dependency

Bug #1661289: fuseiso loops parsing options on aarch64 Undecided Confirmed fuseiso 8 weeks

From: Dan Andreșan
Link: 0001-Fix-infinite-loop-parsing-line-options-on-arm64.patch


Bug #984390: $PATH is taken from login.defs not /etc/environment Medium Triaged shadow 8 weeks

From: Michael Vogt
Link: 2000_fix-su-pam-env-handling

quilt style patch that fixes the issue

Bug #1655225: Under heavy load qemu hits bdrv_error_action: Assertion `error >= 0' failed Medium Fix Committed qemu 8 weeks

From: Dave Chiluk
Link: lp1655225.trusty.debdiff


Bug #1654288: NFSv4 open(O_CREAT|O_EXCL) creates file with bad mode Medium In Progress linux 8 weeks

From: Matthieu Herrb
Link: coddington.diff

[PATCH] NFSv4.0: always send mode in SETATTR after EXCLUSIVE4

Bug #1458322: NetworkManager doesn't hide virtual interfaces (e.g. Docker, VMWare) Medium Confirmed network-manager 8 weeks

From: Oh the Huge Manatee
Link: 0001-applet-hide-unmanaged-ethernet-interfaces.patch

Hide unmanaged ethernet interfaces

Bug #1660206: Make casper capable of fetching filesystem.squashfs through http Undecided New casper 8 weeks

From: Apachez
Link: casper-http-simple_2.patch


Bug #1625780: Secondary monitor menus not opening on mouseover Undecided Confirmed unity 8 weeks

From: LAva
Link: MultiMonitorTrackerFix .diff

MultiMonitorTrackerFix .diff

Bug #1658999: [Xenial Regression] Kernel panics on HDMI in Xenial High Triaged linux 9 weeks

From: Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo
Link: 0001-UBUNTU-SAUCE-i915_bpo-change-WARN_ON-wm_changed-to-n.patch


Bug #1658792: libopenscap8: Enable SCE option to make broader SCAP content available for Ubuntu users Undecided New openscap 9 weeks

From: Alan Guan
Link: openscap-1.2.8.patch

patch to enable SCE

Bug #1659159: KeePass 2.35 is not nice to your clipboard Undecided Confirmed keepass2 9 weeks

From: David Lechner
Link: 0001-Remove-mono-workaround-1530.patch


Bug #1641574: Cloud-init creates a file named `none` when given AuthorizedKeysFile none in sshd_config Low Confirmed cloud-init 9 weeks

From: Scott Moser
Link: partial-patch.diff

partial patch referenced, attaching just for longevity

Bug #599255: dmraid fails to read promise RAID sector count larger than 32-bits Medium Triaged dmraid 9 weeks

From: David Burrows
Link: 28_pdc-large-array-support.patch

fixed pdc large array support patch

Bug #1658786: apcupsd with snmp driver show DWAKE in wrong units Undecided New apcupsd 9 weeks

From: legioner
Link: mib.patch


Bug #1658780: apcupsd unable to do killpower with snmp driver Undecided New apcupsd 9 weeks

From: legioner
Link: oids.patch


Bug #1364298: mysql plugins fail on mysql 5.5/5.6 Medium Triaged munin 9 weeks

From: Jan Kellermann
Link: patch-munin-mysql_.diff


Bug #1654025: trusty/armhf dkms tests are killing workers Undecided Fix Committed autopkgtest 9 weeks
Bug #1606974: Quicklist menu action doesn't respect global delay (Zesty) Low Incomplete gnome-screenshot 9 weeks

From: Khurshid Alam
Link: respect_global_delay_in_unity_quicklist.patch


Bug #1658236: php abstraction not updated for php7 Undecided New apparmor 9 weeks

From: Kees Cook
Link: php.diff


Bug #1657281: Ubuntu xenial - 4.4.0-59-generic i3 I/O performance issue Undecided Confirmed linux 10 weeks

From: Dragan S.
Link: fix_plug_list_flushing_for_nomerge_queues.patch

block: fix plug list flushing for nomerge queues

Bug #1656023: memcached fails when more than one backend server is configured. Undecided New php-memcache 11 weeks

From: Clint Armstrong
Link: 00_session_parse_fix.patch


Bug #1654403: Race condition in hacluster charm that leaves pacemaker down Undecided New corosync 11 weeks

From: Corey Bryant
Link: pacemaker-071796e.diff


Bug #1597437: X with nouveau driver, 2 nvidia cards, 4 monitors, does not use all monitors Medium Confirmed xserver-xorg-video-nouveau 11 weeks

From: Oleg Moiseichuk
Link: nouveau_drv.patch

Fixes improper handling of 3rd and 4th monitors

Bug #1655279: OpenConnect does not properly logout from Juniper VPNs Undecided New openconnect 11 weeks

From: Dan Lenski
Link: juniper_logout.patch


Bug #1654618: Application crashes on startup due to missing dependency Undecided New webcamoid 11 weeks

From: Jarl Gullberg
Link: add-missing-dependency.patch


Bug #1654600: unattended-upgrade-shutdown hangs when /var is a separate filesystem High In Progress unattended-upgrades 11 weeks

From: Erik Mouw
Link: unattended-upgrade-shutdown.diff

Reverse logic

Bug #1291373: wget. memory leaks Medium Triaged wget 12 weeks

From: Jes Bodi Klinke
Link: wget.patch


Bug #1647333: adduser misses extrausers support for group management Critical Confirmed adduser 12 weeks

From: Oliver Grawert
Link: usermod-extrausers-group.patch

fix a typo ...

Bug #1647333: adduser misses extrausers support for group management High In Progress shadow 12 weeks

From: Oliver Grawert
Link: usermod-extrausers-group.patch

fix a typo ...

Bug #1653193: Can't build if behind a proxy server Undecided New ubuntu-defaults-builder 12 weeks

From: cleary
Link: proxy.patch


Bug #1653144: Trac: javascript error using ubuntu packaged JQuery Undecided New trac 13 weeks

From: David Girault
Link: trac.patch

Updated patch

Bug #1453336: shotwell fails to import iphone photos Medium Triaged shotwell 13 weeks

From: Chris J Arges
Link: trusty-fix-lp1453336.debdiff


Bug #1652381: systematic way to refresh the random-seed again and again Undecided New systemd 13 weeks

From: John Denker
Link: random-seed.patch

two separate one-shot random-seed services

Bug #1652189: dupemap not compiled Undecided New magicrescue 14 weeks

From: Carlos Maddela
Link: 60_fix-LDFLAG-pos.patch


Bug #1644268: GnomeDesktop-WARNING **: Failed to load XKB rules file High Triaged gnome-desktop 14 weeks

From: Jonas G. Drange
Link: patch

New patch, now using g_get_system_data_dirs, which seems to work well.

Bug #1475902: glmark2 segmentation fault Medium Confirmed glmark2 14 weeks

From: Hans Joachim Desserud
Link: rebuild.debdiff


Bug #1650237: Spanish voice isn't loaded when requested Undecided Fix Committed festival 15 weeks

From: Jose Luis Guardiola
Link: language_castillian_spanish.scm

Possible solution for missing voice

Bug #1575467: [Dell Inspiron 3451] WARNING: CPU: 1 PID: 1297 at /build/linux-lts-utopic-vy2yyy/linux-lts-utopic-3.16.0/drivers/gpu/drm/i915/intel_display.c:1743 vlv_wait_port_ready+0x126/0x170 [i915]() High Incomplete linux 15 weeks

From: Vincent Gerris
Link: diff-4.8.0-BYT-cstates.diff

patch for 4.8.0 kernel Bay trail

Bug #1633505: gmrun gets a segment fault Undecided Confirmed gmrun 15 weeks

From: Blaze
Link: gmrun-tdp-patch.diff


Bug #1512068: Python ctypes.util , Shell Injection in find_library() High Confirmed python2.7 15 weeks

From: Brian Morton
Link: python2.7_2.7.6-8ubuntu0.4.debdiff

Debdiff of modified upstream patch for trusty

Bug #1647059: On screen keyboard partially clipped or completely off screen Undecided New unity-greeter 15 weeks

From: yoyoma2
Link: patch.txt


Bug #1553928: postfix-pgsql SSL connection to postgres Wishlist Triaged postfix 15 weeks

From: Magosányi Árpád
Link: postfix.postgres.connstring.diff

for postfix-pgsql_3.1.0-3

Bug #1215411: is not installed from linux-tools Medium In Progress linux 15 weeks

From: Dmitry Shachnev
Link: 0001-UBUNTU-Add-a-new-libcpupower-dev-package-for-compati.patch


Bug #1306917: light-locker: screen always automatically locked Medium Confirmed light-locker-settings 15 weeks

From: Michael Filippov
Link: 91_fix_enable_on_off.patch


Bug #1598312: Cannot scale AMD Turion CPU frequency. It runs on lowest 800MHz Medium Confirmed linux 16 weeks

From: Vladimir Marko
Link: alternative.patch


Bug #1598312: Cannot scale AMD Turion CPU frequency. It runs on lowest 800MHz Medium Confirmed linux-lts-xenial 16 weeks

From: Vladimir Marko
Link: alternative.patch


Bug #1648264: crash/coredump with long username/password (basic auth) Undecided New proxytunnel 16 weeks

From: Tharrrk
Link: 008_buffersizes


Bug #1639270: Hard coded paths prevent usage in snaps Undecided New presage 16 weeks

From: Michael Sheldon
Link: add_presage_config_environment_variable.patch


Bug #1647753: "Unable to add the buddy 1 for an unknown reason" warning Undecided New pidgin 16 weeks

From: djcj
Link: pidgin-remove-icq-error-message.patch


Bug #1487190: Not all interfaces display when >~30 interfaces Low In Progress nicstat 16 weeks

From: Joshua Powers
Link: buffer_increase.patch


Bug #1647673: jffs2dump endian convert does not convert major/minor numbers Undecided New mtd-utils 16 weeks

From: Federico Fuga
Link: jffs2dump-endian-convert-does-not-convert-major-minor-numbers.patch


Bug #1647094: segfault in xenial proftpd-dfsg 1.3.5a mod_sftp Undecided New proftpd-dfsg 16 weeks

From: Jason Short
Link: b5c407771e8aaa41811199e595116bfe0f36afb9.patch.txt

Bug #1646202: jetty init file prints wrong reachable information Undecided New jetty 16 weeks

From: Rarylson Freitas
Link: etc_default_jetty.reachable.patch


Bug #1645719: Wrong (and random) values of errors on fit parameters Undecided New scidavis 17 weeks

From: Fellype
Link: fix_wrong_values_on_parameters_errors.patch


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