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Bug #1430059: LyX menu is not updated by indicator-appmenu in mode unity-all-menus High Confirmed lyx 4 weeks

From: Guillaume M-M
Link: indicator-appmenu.c.diff

a minimal working solution -- not meant as a final patch

Bug #1430059: LyX menu is not updated by indicator-appmenu in mode unity-all-menus High Confirmed indicator-appmenu 4 weeks

From: Guillaume M-M
Link: indicator-appmenu.c.diff

a minimal working solution -- not meant as a final patch

Bug #1448530: zram-config is not working on non-English locales in vivid High Confirmed zram-config 4 weeks

From: GamePad64
Link: zram-config.patch

Added LANG=C before "free" command. Works like a charm.

Bug #1450147: 'im-config -l' complains about zenity not installed High Confirmed im-config 4 weeks

From: Gunnar Hjalmarsson
Link: im-config_l-option.patch


Bug #1449771: Multiple CVEs in 2.3.3-2ubuntu1 found in trusty Undecided Confirmed icecast2 4 weeks

From: Unit 193
Link: icecast2_2.3.3-2ubuntu1.1.debdiff


Bug #1448870: Certificate policies cause rejections Undecided New strongswan 4 weeks

From: Richard Laager
Link: 0001-constraints-Don-t-reject-certificates-with-invalid-c.patch


Bug #1448541: Use-after-free in OptionSet Undecided Confirmed libgetopt++ 4 weeks

From: Reagan Sanders
Link: libgetopt++-uaf-fix.diff

Unified diff for a potential fix

Bug #1443648: Kernel panics on iSER (iscsi over IB) logouts High Confirmed linux 4 weeks

From: Rafael David Tinoco
Link: 0001-iSER-relies-on-refcounting-to-manage-iser-connection.patch


Bug #1447485: serial: 8250_pci: Add support for 16 port Exar boards Medium Triaged linux 5 weeks

From: Soeren Grunewald
Link: 0001-serial-8250_pci-Add-support-for-16-port-Exar-boards.patch


Bug #1432062: multipath-tools-boot: support booting without user_friendly_names on devices with spaces in identifiers Medium Triaged multipath-tools 5 weeks

From: Mauricio Faria de Oliveira
Link: multipath-tools_whitespacedIDs.debdiff


Bug #1110781: resolv.conf(5) fails to mention some options Undecided Fix Committed manpages 5 weeks

From: Stéphane Aulery
Link: 0003-resolv.conf.5-document-RES_SNGLKUPREOP.patch


Bug #1446552: Unattended upgrades handles new dependencies inconsistently High Confirmed unattended-upgrades 5 weeks

From: Sjoerd Job Postmus
Link: also_adjust_candidate_version_for_non_installed_packages.patch


Bug #1437182: maliit-framework fails to build against Qt 5.5 High New maliit-framework 5 weeks

From: Michael Sheldon
Link: 0014-fix-building-with-qt5.5.patch


Bug #1398997: cloud-init does not have the SmartOS data source as a configuration option Medium Confirmed cloud-init 5 weeks

From: Dan Watkins
Link: lp1398997.patch


Bug #1446103: upstart vs sysV init script pid-file-name conflict Undecided New isc-dhcp 5 weeks

From: Ralf Heiringhoff
Link: isc-dhcp-server.upstart.patch

disable sysV if upstart is used

Bug #1246245: proftpd service failed to restart Undecided Confirmed proftpd-dfsg 5 weeks

From: danb1974
Link: proftpd-1.3.5-reload-fix.diff


Bug #1445973: multipathd changes the underlying disks of mpathX devices when filesystems are mounted High In Progress multipath-tools 5 weeks

From: Mauricio Faria de Oliveira
Link: partman-multipath_copy-bindings.debdiff


Bug #1419346: mintMenu and MATE Menu are elevated/offset by compiz Low Confirmed compiz 5 weeks

From: Yanpas
Link: place.xml

only for xfce

Bug #1445036: Please merge libcgroup 0.41-6 (universe) from Debian testing (main) Undecided Confirmed libcgroup 6 weeks

From: James Clarke
Link: ubuntu.diff

debdiff: libcgroup_0.38-1ubuntu2 to libcgroup_0.41-6ubuntu1

Bug #1444241: Add more POWER8 optimizations Undecided New openssl 6 weeks
Bug #1444279: can not invoked in shell Undecided New mingetty 6 weeks

From: Lingyu Zhu
Link: diff

a patch generated by quilt

Bug #1444174: gtk fails to build if mir backend enabled with x11 backend disabled Undecided In Progress gtk+3.0 6 weeks

From: Daniel van Vugt
Link: fix-1444174.patch


Bug #1444132: Remmina crashes using the Mir GTK backend Undecided In Progress remmina 6 weeks

From: Daniel van Vugt
Link: fix-1444132.patch


Bug #1444057: gdb remote target of a guest VM fails to continue High In Progress qemu 6 weeks

From: Chris J Arges
Link: fix-lp1444057-vivid.debdiff


Bug #1439313: apt-key del keyid is case sensitive High Triaged apt 6 weeks

From: Nathan Kennedy
Link: 782131.patch

upstream commit d5cf8851753dde4f45bfd3b48fcdf34247a8752a

Bug #1440564: please use Python3 for all scripts Undecided Fix Committed xdiagnose 6 weeks

From: Didier Roche
Link: xdiagnose_python3.debdiff


Bug #1442655: typo in man xtables-multi man page Undecided New iptables 6 weeks

From: Mark Stosberg
Link: restore.patch

fix "restore" typo.

Bug #1442559: Catfish does not find files whose size exceeds 2GB Undecided New catfish 7 weeks

From: Manuel
Link: fix-size-overflow-exception.patch


Bug #1442286: gretl 1.9.14-2 requires AVX Undecided New gretl 7 weeks

From: allin
Link: rules.diff

Fixes the Debian "rules" file for gretl build

Bug #1441955: GSSAPI support disabled (regression from trusty) High Triaged gsasl 7 weeks

From: Anders Kaseorg
Link: gsasl_1.8.0-6ubuntu1_lp1441955.debdiff


Bug #1403730: Add support for OpenVZ simfs Undecided Confirmed net-snmp 7 weeks

From: StartledPhoenix
Link: fix_simfs_detect.patch


Bug #1408088: [SRU] not able to upload binary files when booting a vm Undecided In Progress python-novaclient 7 weeks

From: Liang Chen
Link: python-novaclient_2.17.0-lp1408088.patch


Bug #1304074: [X550CC, Realtek ALC270, Black Headphone Out, Left] No sound at all Undecided Confirmed alsa-driver 7 weeks

From: David Henningsson
Link: asus-dac-assignment.patch


Bug #1439285: losing touches in arale when home button is pressed Undecided New mir 7 weeks

From: Alexandros Frantzis
Link: disable-input-app-switch-optimization.diff

Proposed fix for lost input events with home button

Bug #1437180: Desktop Icons show on the install only desktop Medium Triaged ubiquity 7 weeks

From: Simon Steinbeiß
Link: ubiquity-dm-bug-1437180

Diff of the workaround

Bug #1440818: apport-bug does not anonymize udevdb log Undecided New apport 7 weeks

From: zebul666

Bug #1440952: Network ESSID configured to "Use settings...essid" does not autoconnect Undecided Confirmed wicd 7 weeks

From: RobinMHolt
Link: wicd-daemon.patch

Fix for current devel branch

Bug #1440802: Apcaccess always displays usage (Variable for getopt should be int!) Undecided New apcupsd 7 weeks

From: apport hater
Link: getopt-return-is-int.patch

Use correct type for getopt

Bug #1440786: usb modeswitch D dispatcher rewrite doesn't unescape properly when called via systemd Undecided Confirmed usb-modeswitch 7 weeks

From: Sjoerd Simons
Link: escaping-bus-id.patch

unescape patch received via dbus units

Bug #1440366: please use python3 in landscape-client-ui-install Undecided Confirmed landscape-client 7 weeks

From: Matthias Klose
Link: python3.debdiff


Bug #1440317: Debian packaging issues Undecided New linux-firmware 7 weeks

From: djcj
Link: linux-firmware-debian.tar.xz


Bug #1435492: Xsession.d script assumes that /sbin is in $PATH Medium Confirmed upstart 8 weeks

From: Gunnar Hjalmarsson
Link: upstart-diff-file2.patch


Bug #488318: Excessive Log Files Undecided Confirmed mediatomb 8 weeks

From: Matias Pecchia
Link: mediatomb.patch

logging disable option via /etc/default/mediatomb

Bug #1439405: tmux window pane navigation no longer directional Undecided New tmux 8 weeks

From: David Britton
Link: upstream-540f0b3e45.diff


Bug #1438677: dom0 kernel panic - xen_blkbk_unmap+0x5c/0x2f0 [xen_blkback] High Triaged linux 8 weeks

From: Giuseppe Mazzotta
Link: c43cf3ea838541ea9f066f4f1aa7b197cba6276e.patch

xen-blkback: safely unmap grants in case they are still in use

Bug #1437633: Choosing not to report crashes and errors setting reverts High Confirmed lxc-android-config 8 weeks

From: Iain Lane
Link: lxc-android-config_0.208rtm10.debdiff


Bug #1438629: Packaged version of UIAutomatorViewer is broken Undecided New androidsdk-tools 8 weeks

From: Romain Vimont
Link: uiautomatorviewer_use_eclipse-rcp_deps.patch

Patch fixing uiautomatorviewer

Bug #1438629: Packaged version of UIAutomatorViewer is broken Undecided New eclipse 8 weeks

From: Romain Vimont
Link: uiautomatorviewer_use_eclipse-rcp_deps.patch

Patch fixing uiautomatorviewer

Bug #1414647: Touchpad recognized as PS/2 Logitech Wheel Mouse on ASUS X555L High Triaged linux 8 weeks

From: Pilot6
Link: 0001-Input-psmouse-add-support-of-Focaltech-touchpads.patch


Bug #1388160: [ASUS X200MA] Touchpad scrolling not working Medium Confirmed linux 8 weeks

From: Pilot6
Link: 0001-Input-psmouse-add-support-of-Focaltech-touchpads.patch


Bug #1437804: cowsay is confused by input with ansi colour codes Undecided New cowsay 8 weeks

From: James Dingwall
Link: perl-older-versions.diff


Bug #1434525: Router solicitation blocked, makes network-manager complain High Confirmed ufw 8 weeks

From: Franck
Link: allow-icmpv6-router-sollication-before-output.diff

Allow router sollication before output

Bug #1437241: current running status support Undecided New prosody 9 weeks

From: Raphael Lechner
Link: prosody.init-status.patch


Bug #1437044: ldapauth logging enhancements Undecided New inspircd 9 weeks

From: LaMont Jones
Link: 15_ldapauth_logging.diff

additional ldapauth logging detail

Bug #1437030: please add support for logrotate Undecided New inspircd 9 weeks

From: LaMont Jones
Link: 20_close-open-logs-on-rehash.diff

close and open logs on rehash

Bug #1426316: Java applets won't run in Firefox with Apparmor profile activated Undecided New apparmor 9 weeks

From: Franck
Link: browser-allow-java.diff

Add owner /run/user/*/icedteaplugin-*/* rw, to allow java plugins execution

Bug #1436393: Fujitsu ix500 support Undecided New scanbuttond 9 weeks

From: Ingo Breßler
Link: scanbuttond_ix500.patch

Adds USB ids for Fujitsu ix500 document scanner.

Bug #1435687: disable/enable WiFi on devices with read-only rootfs, the wifi network name will auto plus 1 Undecided New ubuntu-settings 9 weeks

From: Vicamo Yang
Link: Avoid-duplicated-udev-match-rules.patch

Avoid duplicated udev match rules

Bug #1435632: segfault on disabled accounts Undecided New tacacs+ 9 weeks

From: David Leonard
Link: crypt.patch

simple fix for disabled accounts

Bug #1366997: Duplicate entry error for primary key following cluster size change Undecided Confirmed percona-xtradb-cluster-5.5 9 weeks

From: Mario Splivalo
Link: trusty_percona-xtradb-cluster-5.5_5.5.37-25.10+dfsg-0ubuntu1.14.04.2.debdiff


Bug #1350813: New windows don't open in the current working directory Medium Confirmed tmux 9 weeks

From: Dustin Kirkland 
Link: 1350813.patch


Bug #70094: The hier(7) man page is incomplete Undecided Fix Committed manpages 9 weeks

From: Stéphane Aulery
Link: 0001-hier.7-document-initrd-lost-found-and-sys.patch

[PATCH 6/6] hier.7: document /initrd, /lost+found and /sys

Bug #1435104: segfault with IPv6 connections Undecided New tacacs+ 9 weeks

From: David Leonard
Link: ip6.patch


Bug #1432871: `df` shows bind mounts instead of real mounts. Undecided New coreutils 9 weeks

From: Dave Chiluk
Link: lp1432871.trusty.debdiff


Bug #1434679: maas does not know about vivid Critical Confirmed maas 9 weeks

From: Scott Moser
Link: lp-1434679.patch

suggested fix

Bug #1259547: package w3c-markup-validator 1.3+dfsg-1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1 Undecided New w3c-markup-validator 10 weeks

From: Ilya Bobyr
Link: w3c-markup-validator.postinst.apache2.conf-enabled.patch


Bug #1433565: -ssl option doesn't work against modern cryptos Undecided Confirmed httperf 10 weeks

From: Elias Abacioglu
Link: httperf_tls.patch

httperf SSLv3 to TLSv1 patch

Bug #1433403: service pgpool2 reload does nothing Undecided New pgpool2 10 weeks

From: Mark Kirkwood
Link: pgpool2.patch

Something like this should be ok

Bug #1433188: Dramatic improvement in speed after applying vte patch Undecided New vte 10 weeks

From: Mateusz Gryzzli
Link: the-real-fix.patch

Patch to vte3

Bug #1433051: TARGET_RECOVERY_SKIP_GPG_VERIFICATION doesn't work when building only recovery image Undecided New android 10 weeks

From: Ratchanan Srirattanamet
Link: recovery-fix-skip-gpg-recovery.diff


Bug #1320201: behaviour in debug mode doesn't match real behaviour Undecided Confirmed logrotate 10 weeks

From: Sergey V
Link: 0001-If-the-last-rotation-doesn-t-exist-that-s-okay-even-.patch


Bug #1432932: xdg-desktop-menu uninstall hangs if menu file names have spaces Undecided Confirmed xdg-utils 10 weeks
Bug #1432444: bcmwl-kernel-source does not install STA wireless driver on live boot Undecided Confirmed bcmwl 10 weeks

From: James Hollingshead
Link: 0012-add-support-for-linux-3.16.patch

Patch to get wl module to compile

Bug #1431988: Colormunki used with chartread does not read color stripes. Chartread waiting. Undecided New argyll 10 weeks

From: Roland65
Link: argyll-1.6.3-usb-ubuntu.patch

Patch for argyll 1.6.3

Bug #1423151: openafs-modules-dkms 1.6.7-1: openafs kernel module failed to build Undecided Fix Committed openafs 11 weeks

From: Louis Bouchard
Link: lp1423151_fix_dmks_build_utopic.debdiff


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