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Bug #1577712: mysql_upgrade is called twice concurrently on upgrade from 14.04 High In Progress mysql-5.7 3 weeks

From: Lars Tangvald
Link: 0001-Change-d-additions-debian-start-to-no-op.patch


Bug #1581299: shim: set second stage not work High Triaged shim 3 weeks

From: Ivan Hu
Link: 0001-shim-dealing-with-only-one-string-on-loadoption.patch


Bug #1581284: --sslPEMKeyPassword parameter must be passed with = on yakkety Undecided New juju-mongodb3.2 3 weeks

From: Michael Hudson-Doyle
Link: juju-core-2.0~beta6_2.0~beta6-0ubuntu2.16.10.1_2.0~beta6-0ubuntu2.16.10.2.diff


Bug #1581272: gpsd always runs in 'non-daemonised' or not at all Undecided Incomplete gpsd 3 weeks

From: wadda
Link: gpsd.service.patch

allow systemd to control gpsd

Bug #1536353: [regression] Printer drivers install is broken as lsb package is not available anymore Medium Fix Committed lsb 3 weeks

From: Till Kamppeter
Link: lsb_9.20160110_9.20160110ubuntu1.debdiff


Bug #1581084: CMS Consistency Test failed Undecided Confirmed openssl 3 weeks

From: Marc Deslauriers
Link: update-expired-smime-test-certs.patch


Bug #1530523: kcm_driver_manager: Infinitely shows Collecting information High Confirmed kubuntu-driver-manager 3 weeks

From: Carlo Vanini
Link: driver_manager.patch

fix signals for backend failure reporting

Bug #1572613: GCC stack access scheduled after stack deallocation Wishlist Triaged gcc-4.9 3 weeks

From: Dimitri John Ledkov
Link: gcc-5.debdiff


Bug #1572613: GCC stack access scheduled after stack deallocation Wishlist Triaged gcc-5-cross 3 weeks

From: Dimitri John Ledkov
Link: gcc-5.debdiff


Bug #1572613: GCC stack access scheduled after stack deallocation Wishlist Triaged gcc-arm-none-eabi 3 weeks

From: Dimitri John Ledkov
Link: gcc-5.debdiff


Bug #1572613: GCC stack access scheduled after stack deallocation Wishlist Triaged gcc-avr 3 weeks

From: Dimitri John Ledkov
Link: gcc-5.debdiff


Bug #1572613: GCC stack access scheduled after stack deallocation Wishlist Triaged gcc-mingw-w64 3 weeks

From: Dimitri John Ledkov
Link: gcc-5.debdiff


Bug #1580708: Couple enhancements Undecided New ocrfeeder 3 weeks

From: Silvara
Link: languages-sort.patch


Bug #1580707: Images with non-ASCII paths cannot be saved Undecided New ocrfeeder 3 weeks

From: Silvara
Link: unicode-fix.patch


Bug #1576564: Xen 32bit dom0 on 64bit hypervisor: bad page flags High Triaged linux 3 weeks

From: Stefan Bader
Link: 0001-mm-Use-phys_addr_t-for-reserve_bootmem_region-argume.patch

Proposed fix which was sent upstream for discussion

Bug #1580455: ConfigDrive datasource "check_instance_id()" argments fault Undecided New cloud-init 3 weeks

From: Naoto Gohko
Link: DataSourceConfigDrive-argment.patch


Bug #1550365: Use AdaptivePageLayout instead of PageStack in the GUI Low Triaged libertine 3 weeks

From: Larry Price
Link: adaptive-page-layout.diff

My work on this as a patch

Bug #1542939: system freeze after vt switching Medium Confirmed linux-lts-xenial 3 weeks

From: oleg
Link: 0001-drm-atomic-Remove-drm_atomic_connectors_for_crtc.patch


Bug #1561250: Xenial vagrant image is missing its hostname in /etc/hosts High Confirmed livecd-rootfs 3 weeks

From: GGeorg
Link: live-build.patch


Bug #1541678: if-post-down.d/vlan and if-pre-up.d/vlan should support predictable NIC names High Confirmed vlan 3 weeks

From: Haw Loeung
Link: vlan-predictable-names.patch


Bug #1579447: mate-screenshot defaults to a file name that is incompatible with some file systems Undecided New mate-utils 3 weeks

From: Alan B. Clements
Link: mate-screenshot.patch

This minor patch changes the default file name to match changes in github

Bug #1529815: InfiniBand DHCP flow with PRA and DHCP relay not working Medium In Progress isc-dhcp 4 weeks

From: Rafael David Tinoco
Link: xenial_isc-dhcp_4.3.3-5ubuntu13.debdiff


Bug #1578540: setupcon looks for VARIANT in wrong path: /usr/etc/default/ Undecided New console-setup 4 weeks

From: TJ
Link: setupcon.patch

Patch that uses findfile() to locate the variant config

Bug #1578505: Raspberry Pi 3 support Wishlist Triaged flash-kernel 4 weeks

From: Ryan Finnie
Link: flash-kernel-3.0~rc.4ubuntu63.debdiff


Bug #1578344: code duplication between nginx-*.postinst and init script Low Triaged nginx 4 weeks

From: Simon Déziel
Link: nginx-postinst-code-dedup.patch


Bug #1574270: applications segfault systematically with tsocks Undecided Confirmed tsocks 4 weeks

From: Yann E. MORIN
Link: 07_always_init_function_pointers.dpatch

Be sure to always intialise function pointers v2

Bug #1572554: apt.conf.d does not parse valid files Undecided New augeas 4 weeks
Bug #1577986: SDL 1.2 crashes on snappy, breaks scummvm Undecided New libsdl1.2 4 weeks

From: Zygmunt Krynicki
Link: dont-crash-on-snappy

Tested fix for the crash

Bug #1536181: bind9-resolvconf service doesn't work Undecided New bind9 4 weeks

From: ilia
Link: bind9-resolvconf.patch


Bug #1577849: openmpi 1.10.2-8ubuntu1 fails running job with cpuset started from torque 5 Undecided New openmpi 4 weeks

From: Quesar
Link: hwloc-cpuset-fix.patch

fixes hwloc cpuset support

Bug #1567827: on ubuntu 16.04, phatch freezes at startup Undecided Confirmed phatch 4 weeks

From: Pablo Vigo
Link: phatch.diff


Bug #1209085: update-smart-drivedb uses old download link Medium Triaged smartmontools 4 weeks

From: 44z6
Link: update-smart-drivedb.patch

add -L to curl command

Bug #1577133: sudoers.po - Fix typo in 'contrasenaya'. Undecided Confirmed language-pack-ca-base 4 weeks

From: Fuertes::Benjami
Link: patch.diff


Bug #1576619: imapfilter: Disable sslv3 if system is built with no ssl3 Undecided New imapfilter 5 weeks

From: kouul
Link: imapfilter.patch

Disable sslv3 if system was built with no ssl3

Bug #1576226: monit : disable sslv3 Undecided New ubuntu 5 weeks

From: kouul
Link: patch.monit.txt


Bug #1481536: "cryptsetup: unknown fstype, bad password or options?" error unlocking / decrypting LUKS volume at boot High Confirmed cryptsetup 5 weeks

From: Richard Hansen
Link: cryptsetup-1481536-v4.patch


Bug #1575867: unity-settings-daemon crashes on start with SIGABRT if xrandr provides two displays with the same name High Confirmed unity-settings-daemon 5 weeks

From: Rafał Cieślak
Link: fix_config_matching.patch

A patch that implements the proposed fix.

Bug #1546565: Ownership/Permissions of vhost_user sockets for openvswitch-dpdk make them unusable by libvirt/qemu/kvm Undecided New openvswitch 5 weeks
Bug #1571456: id crashed with SIGSEGV in sock_eq() Medium Triaged glibc 5 weeks

From: Anders Kaseorg
Link: glibc_2.23-0ubuntu3_lp1571456.debdiff


Bug #1569609: [SRU] microrelease exception for src:php7.0 Wishlist Confirmed php7.0 5 weeks

From: Nish Aravamudan
Link: attachment


Bug #1574849: plain has stopped working while https works Medium Confirmed pastebinit 5 weeks

From: Robert C Jennings
Link: https_manpage_example.patch


Bug #1487679: Breaking ordering cycle by deleting job nbd-client.service/start Undecided Triaged nbd 5 weeks

From: Alkis Georgopoulos
Link: no-required-start-network.patch


Bug #1574507: plasma-nm only sometimes show current transmit and recieve speed Undecided New plasma-nm 5 weeks

From: msaxl
Link: showspeed_datasource_change_interval.diff


Bug #1574028: Asus T300 CHI: Synaptics Touch Digitizer - missing at boot Medium Triaged xinput 5 weeks

From: TJ
Link: ac-connected-failed-vs-working.diff

dmesg diff of failed vs working with AC connected

Bug #364101: network-manager-openvpn does not support all options supported by openvpn Undecided Confirmed network-manager-openvpn 5 weeks

From: Dorian H.
Link: network-manager-openvpn.patch


Bug #1574065: Search results are not replaced when a new search is started Undecided Confirmed glogg 5 weeks

From: Nicolas Bonnefon
Link: glogg_fix.patch

Patch from upstream

Bug #1573547: Apt's bash completion is incomplete Low Fix Committed apt 6 weeks

From: Svyatoslav Gryaznov
Link: fix_apt_build-dep_clean.diff


Bug #1572841: Zabbix Frontend fails install with PHP7.0 due to always_populate_raw_post_data configuration Undecided Confirmed zabbix 6 weeks

From: ironstorm
Link: CFrontendSetup.php.patch

Ignore removed flag always_populate_raw_post_data for versions of PHP > 7.0

Bug #1572777: fancontrol Error message if INTERVAL not an integer, bug if INTERVAL a negative non-integer Undecided New lm-sensors 6 weeks

From: Randy
Link: patch-fancontrol-positive-decimal-number

Patch to match non-numbers, negative numbers, and 0, but allow positive floating point/decimal numbers

Bug #1515278: [SRU] rabbit queues should expire when unused Medium Fix Committed python-oslo.messaging 6 weeks

From: Jorge Niedbalski
Link: fix-lp-1515278-kilo.patch

Trusty Kilo Patch

Bug #1303508: privacy settings: remove history datetimepicker not working High In Progress activity-log-manager 6 weeks

From: Vincent Thiele
Link: activity-log-manager.patch


Bug #1536081: libsdl2:i386 needs egl-mesa Medium Triaged libsdl2 6 weeks

From: Vlad Orlov
Link: libsdl2-debdiff

This debdiff makes libsdl2-2.0-0 depend on libwayland-egl1

Bug #1549711: Old version gives defined(@array) is deprecated warnings Undecided Confirmed libmail-sender-perl 6 weeks

From: Anders Ossowicki
Link: fix-defined-array-warnings.patch


Bug #1571506: update-initramfs won't include firmware in /lib/firmware/updates Undecided New initramfs-tools 6 weeks

From: Qiang Yu
Link: fix.patch


Bug #1570894: s390x build failure Undecided Confirmed nux 6 weeks

From: Matthias Klose
Link: nux.debdiff


Bug #1571291: Thinkpad Clickpad: Buttonsize too small when using trackpoint only with disabled touchpad Undecided New libinput 6 weeks

From: Peter Frühberger
Link: touchpad-increase-button-size-when-disabled.patch


Bug #1534884: /etc/pam.d/kimchi permission broken Undecided Confirmed kimchi 6 weeks

From: fmyhr
Link: kimchi_pam_patch


Bug #1570472: Set systemd as default service provider Undecided Triaged puppet 7 weeks

From: Simon Déziel
Link: lp1570472.debdiff


Bug #1570142: net-interface-handler needs updating for newer ifupdown High In Progress open-iscsi 7 weeks

From: Scott Moser
Link: try-number2.debdiff

second try: make sure we run the upstart

Bug #1570055: FTBFS on powerpc Undecided New glibc 7 weeks

From: Steve Langasek
Link: lua5.3-1570055.diff


Bug #1569965: ubiquity KDE frontend doesn't show state widgets on prepare page Undecided New ubiquity 7 weeks

From: Jonathan Riddell
Link: DIFF


Bug #1569125: Insecure permissions on SysV SHM object with memory leak Undecided New cogl 7 weeks

From: Ricardo
Link: cogl-texture-pixmap-x11.c.diff


Bug #1568799: httping: built without SSL support Undecided New httping 7 weeks

From: Alexander E. Patrakov
Link: bug1568799.patch

Fixed the configure script

Bug #1568714: stack smashing detected ***: msktutil terminated for version 0.5.1+git8158aa2b-1 Undecided Confirmed msktutil 7 weeks

From: Joern Heissler
Link: msktldap.cpp.patch


Bug #1568635: wireless card (Killer n1525) doesn't work Medium Incomplete linux 7 weeks

From: Stepan
Link: Downloads.tar.gz

These files should replace stock board.bin and firmware-?.bin

Bug #1568217: Add h2load to nghttp2-client Wishlist Confirmed nghttp2 7 weeks

From: Alvaro Figueroa
Link: h2load-fix.patch

Add h2load to nghttp2-client

Bug #1566091: GNOME Classic: Text of taskbar button of current window is nearly invisible Undecided New gnome-shell-extensions 7 weeks

From: J. J. Ramsey
Link: classic.css.diff

Patch to fix color for text in focused taskbar button in GNOME classic

Bug #1567697: libcurl is missing http2 support High Confirmed curl 8 weeks

From: Alvaro Figueroa
Link: curl-http2-fix.patch

curl http2 fix

Bug #1369465: nova resize doesn't resize(extend) rbd disk files when using rbd disk backend Medium In Progress nova 8 weeks

From: Liang Chen
Link: fix_rbd_resize.diff

wily-liberty debian patch

Bug #1021506: dirinstall on 12.04 appears to require `fai-divert -a /sbin/initctl` Undecided New fai 8 weeks

From: andrew bezella
Link: fai-divert_initctl.diff

add /sbin/initctl to the list of automatic diversions in updatebase.

Bug #1551986: [FFe] HUD hotkey assignment is suboptimal High In Progress unity 8 weeks

From: Andrea Azzarone
Link: libwnck3.diff


Bug #1551986: [FFe] HUD hotkey assignment is suboptimal High In Progress compiz 8 weeks

From: Andrea Azzarone
Link: libwnck3.diff


Bug #1551986: [FFe] HUD hotkey assignment is suboptimal High Triaged ubuntu-docs 8 weeks

From: Andrea Azzarone
Link: libwnck3.diff


Bug #1547297: No auto login in Ubuntu GNOME Xenial High Confirmed sddm 8 weeks

From: Tim
Link: gdm3-path.debdiff


Bug #1566519: Please add native systemd units Wishlist Triaged apache2 8 weeks

From: Timo Aaltonen
Link: systemd-integration.diff

systemd integration

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