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Bug Importance Status Package Patch Age
Bug #529843: save a copy reverts to save as Low Triaged inkscape 6 weeks

From: Tomasz Boczkowski
Link: save_copy.patch


Bug #1288448: incorrect PARENT_DIR setting results in prompt for root access Medium Confirmed nautilus-dropbox 6 weeks

From: Jamin W. Collins
Link: dropbox-no-super-user.patch

Correct PARENT_DIR variable

Bug #1066435: powerpc: "Fixing recursive fault but reboot is needed!" High Fix Committed linux 6 weeks

From: Adam Smith
Link: patch-snd.txt


Bug #1192651: subunit should depend on python3-junitxml Undecided New subunit 6 weeks

From: David Britton
Link: patch

Patch to the ubuntu/subunit packaging branch (trusty)

Bug #1288260: firefox apparmor updates for trusty Undecided Fix Committed firefox 6 weeks

From: James Troup
Link: firefox-apparmor-updates.diff

Firefox apparmor profile updates for Trusty

Bug #1288177: [FFe] Merge with Debian to add autopkgtest Undecided Triaged pango1.0 6 weeks

From: Iain Lane
Link: debian.debdiff

debian/ diff between trusty and the proposed package

Bug #1287758: python3.3 distutils TypeError: Type str doesn't support the buffer API Undecided Incomplete python3.3 6 weeks

From: lysdexia
Link: rfc822_escape.diff

patch for /usr/lib/python3.3/distutils/, resulted in a (thus far) successful install.

Bug #438356: brcupsconfig3 assert failure: *** stack smashing detected ***: /usr/Brother/cupswrapper/brcupsconfig3 terminated Medium Confirmed brother-cups-wrapper-laser 6 weeks

From: Jan Willamowius
Link: brcupsconfig.diff

Fix for brcupsconfig3

Bug #874535: Volume Slider Jumps, due to rapidly changing hardware jack sense state Low Triaged alsa-driver 6 weeks

From: Raymond
Link: alc892_no_trigger_sense.patch

alc892_no_trigger_sense since alc892 does not support ImpSense

Bug #1286620: created header elemnt not added to parent in setHeader in list.js Undecided New ubuntu-ui-toolkit 7 weeks

From: Jelmer Prins
Link: list:setHeader.js


Bug #1263224: fglrx (not installed): fglrx kernel module failed to build [warning: passing argument 1 of ‘(acpi_status (*)(u32, void *, void *))handler’ makes integer from pointer without a cast] High Confirmed fglrx-installer 7 weeks

From: Heiko Voigt
Link: looks_like_amd_forgot_this.patch


Bug #1261654: missing LADSPA support Undecided Confirmed audacity 7 weeks

From: Ross Gammon
Link: libav9-audacity.patch

Partial fix

Bug #1207709: Wally doesn't change wallpaper Lubuntu Undecided Confirmed wally 7 weeks

From: Chapliev Viktor
Link: wally-for-lubuntu.diff

wally detect OpenBox

Bug #1263064: 'Replace' doesn't replace values Undecided New leafpad 7 weeks

From: RK
Link: replace.patch


Bug #1285204: problem with paths with spaces with ubuntu12.04 client with ubuntu13.10 server Undecided New subversion 7 weeks

From: Stephane Chazelas
Link: patch

potential fix for the issue

Bug #1266289: XMP IPTC Creator metadata written to wrong property Undecided New digikam 7 weeks

From: Alan Pater
Link: xmpcredits.cpp

xmpcredits.cpp with changes

Bug #1266289: XMP IPTC Creator metadata written to wrong property Undecided New exiv2 7 weeks

From: Alan Pater
Link: xmpcredits.cpp

xmpcredits.cpp with changes

Bug #1266289: XMP IPTC Creator metadata written to wrong property Undecided New kipi-plugins 7 weeks

From: Alan Pater
Link: xmpcredits.cpp

xmpcredits.cpp with changes

Bug #1197559: Regression: Firefox forgot how to open apt urls Medium Triaged firefox 7 weeks

From: Ritesh Khadgaray
Link: protocol.patch

proposed patch

Bug #1283589: [Samsung NP530U3C-A01] LID close, AC, and battery status events not produced anymore Medium Triaged linux 7 weeks

From: juanmanuel
Link: BETTER_ec_kernel_patch.patch


Bug #1283851: xmlrunner does not support ]]> in error messages and std{out/err} Undecided New unittest-xml-reporting 7 weeks

From: Artur R. Czechowski
Link: cdata.patch

Patch fixing this issue.

Bug #1280498: rhythmbox-plugins lastfm plugin cannot be activated Medium Confirmed rhythmbox 8 weeks

From: fossfreedom
Link: audioscrobbler-Make-sure-gsettings-schema-path-end.patch

patch for audioscrobbler issues

Bug #1283418: vbindiff crashes when comparing files of different length Undecided New vbindiff 8 weeks

From: Peter Ross
Link: 0001-vbindiff-prevent-segfault-when-comparing-files-of-di.patch


Bug #1069350: suspicious /.rpmdb root directory Undecided Confirmed rpm 8 weeks

From: Lekensteyn
Link: disable-rpm.patch

Disables RPM call for DKMS

Bug #1069350: suspicious /.rpmdb root directory Undecided New dkms 8 weeks

From: Lekensteyn
Link: disable-rpm.patch

Disables RPM call for DKMS

Bug #1282683: upstart misses freeradius when "service freeradius reload" Undecided New freeradius 8 weeks

From: WATANABE Wataru
Link: freeradius.conf.patch


Bug #774456: Text under icons not centered when 1 line name Undecided Confirmed lxlauncher 8 weeks

From: Mattia Rizzolo
Link: 14_align_labels.patch


Bug #1281066: Needs to backport trusty's fix to handle duplicity's lockfile Medium Fix Committed deja-dup 8 weeks

From: Louis Bouchard
Link: lp1281066-kill-lockfile-saucy.debdiff


Bug #1280869: Please provide -dbg packages for glamor-egl Undecided Confirmed glamor-egl 8 weeks

From: Cybjit
Link: glamor-egl-dbg.diff

Add -dbg packages to glamor-egl

Bug #1280665: libsdl1.2 always uses backingstore which causes tearing in modern X servers Medium New libsdl1.2 9 weeks

From: Joseph Yasi
Link: sdl-check-for-SDL_VIDEO_X11_BACKINGSTORE.patch


Bug #1265544: 8086:0a16 [UX302LG] black screen on boot 3.12.0-7 Medium Triaged linux 9 weeks
Bug #1279307: fdk-aac needs porting for aarch64 Undecided New fdk-aac 9 weeks

From: Riku Voipio
Link: aarch64.patch

aarch64 basic support

Bug #1279106: Customized LiveUSB setup cannot handle persistence Undecided New casper 9 weeks

From: LVU
Link: casper-initrd.patch

Correct patch

Bug #1248174: The Ubuntu colour palette in Inkscape is different from the one in Low In Progress inkscape 9 weeks

From: JNH
Link: 1248174-Ubuntu-colour-palette-different-from-design_ubuntu_com.patch


Bug #1278388: nginx upload-module plugin enablement Wishlist Triaged nginx 9 weeks

From: Cloud Foundry
Link: nginx-upload-module.patch

Module enablement patch

Bug #1263837: XC5000 dvb-fe-xc5000-1.6.114.fw Undecided New linux-firmware-nonfree 9 weeks

From: Joonyoung Shim
Link: au0828_fix.patch


Bug #807861: typo in ../src/widgets/toolbox.cpp:4685 Low In Progress inkscape 9 weeks
Bug #1052815: users plugin throws warnings Medium Triaged munin 10 weeks

From: Thomas Heidrich
Link: users.patch

patch from reference ticket

Bug #1277299: mediainfo-gui.desktop should have a populated MimeType= line for use in unity launcher Undecided New mediainfo 10 weeks

From: Doug McMahon
Link: mimetypes.patch

example patch

Bug #479922: Wicd unable to connect to DBus for non-admin user Undecided Confirmed wicd 10 weeks

From: Rob
Link: wicd-daemon.patch


Bug #476845: Xtightvnc crashed with SIGSEGV in WaitForSomething() Medium Confirmed tightvnc 10 weeks

From: Gorka Navarrete
Link: vnc_unixsrc.diff


Bug #1275610: paths to ard-* utilities are broken Undecided Confirmed arduino-mk 10 weeks

From: scruss

a diff (if not strictly a patch) which solves the issue

Bug #1263260: Merge obexd 0.48-2 (main) from Debian unstable (main) Wishlist New obexd 11 weeks

From: Artur Rona
Link: ubuntu-ubuntu.debdiff


Bug #1019906: Incorrect info. make-kpkg fails with '--revision=custom.1.0' , must have digit first correct form is 'make-kpkg --revision=1.0.custom' Undecided In Progress installation-guide 11 weeks

From: Quinn Balazs
Link: lp1019906.patch


Bug #1030336: typo in installation instructions - minimum requirements page Low In Progress installation-guide 11 weeks

From: Quinn Balazs
Link: LP-bug-1030336.patch


Bug #1274916: missing php library support Undecided New geos 11 weeks

From: Daniel Llewellyn
Link: geos-3.3.3+php.patch

add libgeos-php5 package

Bug #1022815: initramfs should try password against other devices Undecided Confirmed cryptsetup 11 weeks

From: DiagonalArg
Link: cryptsetup.1.4.1.decrypt_keyctl.patch


Bug #1223622: add support for crypttab mounting of luks devices with detached headers Low Confirmed cryptsetup 11 weeks

From: DiagonalArg
Link: cryptsetup.1.4.[13].cryptdisks.functions.patch


Bug #1274436: Fix CPU probing on ppc Medium Triaged bootchart 11 weeks

From: Anton Blanchard
Link: bootchart_ppc.patch

Fix parsing of /proc/cpuinfo on ppc

Bug #1266492: ld:i386 crashes with -static -fPIE -pie High Confirmed binutils 11 weeks

From: Steve Beattie
Link: local-no-malloc-backtrace.diff


Bug #1266492: ld:i386 crashes with -static -fPIE -pie Critical Fix Committed evolution-data-server 11 weeks

From: Steve Beattie
Link: local-no-malloc-backtrace.diff


Bug #1274212: qsstv is not entered into start menu or hamradio menu Undecided Confirmed qsstv 11 weeks

From: Kamal Mostafa
Link: add-qsstv-desktop-file.patch


Bug #659793: xserver-xephyr: Couldn't find keyboard driver evdev Low Confirmed xorg-server 11 weeks

From: Tom Fields
Link: xorg-server-1.14.5-patch-kdrive-evdev

PATCH: Enable evdev support for kdrive-based X-server in Ubuntu package xorg-server

Bug #1257505: Create Unity Control Center so can remain on old GNOME Control Center version Medium In Progress chromium-browser 11 weeks

From: Robert Ancell
Link: 8-unity-control-center.patch

Patch to enable unity-control-center in chromium (untested)

Bug #1273680: ltsp jetpipe bug Undecided New ltsp 11 weeks

From: Andy Igoshin
Link: jetpipe.diff


Bug #1273202: policyd-spf runs as nobody Undecided New amavisd-new 11 weeks

From: Lukas Zronek
Link: amavisd-new-postfix.postinst.patch


Bug #1262641: virsh save and virsh managedsave failed with cpu mode = host-passthrough High Triaged libvirt 11 weeks

From: s10
Link: dont-fail-without-cpu-model.patch


Bug #1134389: Broadcom Sta/wl Drivers causes random kernel panics on ubuntu raring Undecided Confirmed bcmwl 12 weeks

From: Dean
Link: README.txt

Broadcom's Universal wl STA

Bug #1155202: [Intel DZ77SL-50K, Intel PantherPoint HDMI, Digital Out, HDMI] No sound at all Undecided Incomplete alsa-driver 12 weeks

From: Niraj
Link: patch


Bug #1271888: man page options section has duplicate entries Undecided New photofilmstrip 12 weeks

From: Mikko Olkkonen
Link: photofilmstrip.patch

this should be applied to gunzipped man page /usr/share/man/man1/photofilmstrip-cli.1.gz at least in photofilmstrip 1.9.92+dfsg-1/3.11.0-14-generic #21-Ubuntu

Bug #1271885: python initialisation not working Low Confirmed modules 12 weeks

From: Catherine Pitt
Link: fix-python-init


Bug #971321: Several Models of Microsoft Wireless and Wired Mice, i.e. models: Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500, Wireless Mouse 5000, Wireless Optical Desktop 3000, Comfort Mouse 4500, Wireless Mouse 1000 among others have erratic vertical scroll wheel issues in linux after dual booting in Microsoft Windows Wishlist Confirmed ubuntu 12 weeks

Link: PATCH for

PATCH available in the text file

Bug #1270686: rsnapshot LVM backup fails at line 3720 Undecided New rsnapshot 12 weeks

From: Jon Stumpf
Link: rsnapshot.patch


Bug #1261419: Switch to using downloaded cloud images. High Confirmed sandbox-upgrader 13 weeks

From: Serge Hallyn
Link: sandbox-upgrader.diff


Bug #1232454: "Computer will suspend very soon because of inactivity." dialog when resuming from suspend Low Confirmed gnome-settings-daemon 13 weeks

From: Bib
Link: myscripts2


Bug #1268684: [mk-sbuild] mk-sbuild creates schroots with install-recommends enabled Undecided New ubuntu-dev-tools 13 weeks

From: Steve Beattie
Link: mk-sbuild-disable_recommends_within_schroot.patch


Bug #1268193: in combination with courier-imap: severe performance problems Undecided New gnutls26 14 weeks

From: Lorenz Weber
Link: libgnutls26_fix.patch

patch extracted from 2.12.16

Bug #883017: memtest86+ fails on efi systems Medium Triaged memtest86+ 14 weeks

From: Bernard Burette
Link: patch-diff

Patch for memtest86+ (v4.20 to v4.50, zImage to bzImage)

Bug #1267786: Referencer hangs on Ubuntu 13.10: gtk thread related changes? Undecided Confirmed referencer 14 weeks

From: Mads Chr. Olesen
Link: works5.patch

WIP patch

Bug #1246364: update-notifier does not show a tray icon in xubuntu 13.10 Low Confirmed update-notifier 14 weeks

From: Forest
Link: restore_tray_icon.patch


Bug #1267448: ddclient doesn't update well cache when connection to dyndns server fails Undecided New ddclient 14 weeks

From: xavier
Link: ddclient3.8.1-cannotconnect_writescache.patch

Patch for ddclient 3.8.1-1ubuntu2

Bug #1265024: TLS register TPIDRURW not preserved on context switch and fork Medium In Progress linux-ti-omap4 14 weeks

From: Martin Storsjö
Link: 0001-ARM-7735-2-Preserve-the-user-r-w-register-TPIDRURW-o.patch


Bug #1267107: fftw3 neon support config fixups for armv8 Undecided Incomplete fftw3 14 weeks

From: Wookey
Link: fftw3_3.3.3-7-arm64-neon-support-config.patch


Bug #1266882: xdg-screensaver uses gnome-screensaver even if xscreensaver is running Undecided New xdg-utils 14 weeks

From: Jarno Suni
Link: patch.txt

The patch to xdg-screensaver aims to fix the bug and additionally uses more general way to detect, if gnome-screensaver is installed or if xscreensaver is running.

Bug #1241842: scanning with dvb s/s2 card broken Undecided Confirmed kaffeine 14 weeks

From: msaxl
Link: dvb_use_api5_for_dvbs.diff


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