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Bug #2065856: SEGFAULTs in v4.3 with GlusterFS Undecided In Progress nfs-ganesha 2 days
Bug #2037015: Screen corruption of webkit2gtk apps in X11 on Raspberry Pi, such as during install Medium In Progress webkit2gtk 3 days
Bug #2064843: Brick SEGFAULTs in 11.1 Undecided Triaged glusterfs 3 days
Bug #2065728: CVE-2024-3044 Undecided New libreoffice 4 days
Bug #2054395: [sru] sos upstream 4.7.0 Medium In Progress sosreport 5 days
Bug #2061954: filezilla crashed with SIGABRT in start_thread() Undecided In Progress libfilezilla 9 days
Bug #2065037: dhcpcd is called before interfaces have carrier causing a 29 seconds boot delay Medium Fix Committed initramfs-tools 9 days
Bug #2064646: Click on the topbar invokes the enhanced tiling on maximized windows Undecided Fix Committed gnome-shell-extension-tiling-assistant 9 days
Bug #2060976: Create autopkgtest Undecided New freerdp2 11 days
Bug #2064914: Windows guest hangs after reboot from the guest OS Undecided Incomplete qemu 13 days
Bug #2061637: [SRU] xx-svn-review crashed with ModuleNotFoundError Medium Confirmed xxdiff 2 weeks
Bug #2064751: [SRU] revert security-regression in Focal's libcrypto++ Undecided New libcrypto++ 2 weeks
Bug #2061668: [SRU] crashed with ModuleNotFoundError in Noble Medium Confirmed python-evtx 2 weeks
Bug #2064360: libpam-doc: doc-base reports missing files High Fix Committed pam 2 weeks
Bug #1957168: [SRU] fwbuilder crashes in Noble when trying to create almost any type of new object Undecided Confirmed fwbuilder 2 weeks
Bug #2060882: [SRU] usrpctl fails to run Undecided Confirmed uhd 3 weeks
Bug #2060858: [SRU] rqsh fails to run Undecided Fix Committed librdf-query-perl 3 weeks
Bug #2064266: linux-virtual: recommends linux-tools and ubuntu-kernel-accessories Undecided New linux 3 weeks
Bug #2064201: Use Debian-specific partx path in kpartx rule Undecided New multipath-tools 3 weeks
Bug #2054799: [SRU] Issue with Project administration at Cloud Admin level Undecided New horizon 3 weeks
Bug #2036467: Resizing cloud-images occasionally fails due to superblock checksum mismatch in resize2fs Critical In Progress e2fsprogs 3 weeks
Bug #1953572: Broken links in the View Trends and the View Histogram menu Medium In Progress nagios4 3 weeks
Bug #2063936: [noble] merkuro-calendar fails to start Undecided In Progress merkuro 3 weeks
Bug #2063820: rtl8812au-dkms DKMS FTBFS wrt Linux 6.8 Undecided New rtl8812au 3 weeks
Bug #2063510: "find_java_runtime openjdk" fails to find /usr/lib/jvm/java-21-openjdk-amd64 Undecided New java-wrappers 3 weeks
Bug #2063362: Backport for 22.04, 20.04, and 18.04 Undecided New involflt 3 weeks
Bug #2063358: Kodi from Debian (20.5) crashes when running addons due to Python 3.12 Undecided Confirmed kodi 3 weeks
Bug #2063079: samba smbd.service is missing ExecStartPre for update-apparmor-samba-profile High Confirmed samba 4 weeks
Bug #2061747: obsolete out-of-tree ivsc dkms in favor of in-tree one High In Progress linux 4 weeks
Bug #2061747: obsolete out-of-tree ivsc dkms in favor of in-tree one High In Progress linux-meta 4 weeks
Bug #2061079: GTK-ngl (new default backend) rendering issues with the nvidia 470 driver Medium Triaged gtk4 4 weeks
Bug #2061079: GTK-ngl (new default backend) rendering issues with the nvidia 470 driver High Triaged nvidia-graphics-drivers-470 4 weeks
Bug #2062058: Add a UFW firewall config to support QUIC High Triaged nginx 4 weeks
Bug #2061929: Python docker package does not import, crashes due to urllib3 upgrade Undecided Confirmed python-docker 5 weeks
Bug #1097467: bash does not fulfill --rcfile option properly Low Confirmed bash 5 weeks
Bug #2058045: please upgrade: lighttpd 1.4.76 Undecided Confirmed lighttpd 5 weeks
Bug #2060848: minifycss fails to run in Noble Undecided Confirmed matthiasmullie-minify 5 weeks
Bug #2061075: firefox, chromium-browser are not merely a transitional packages Low Triaged chromium-browser 5 weeks
Bug #2061075: firefox, chromium-browser are not merely a transitional packages Undecided New firefox 5 weeks
Bug #2060695: 24.04 grub-pc cannot upgrade on mirrored software RAID root disk Medium Triaged cloud-init 5 weeks
Bug #2058401: Enable automated tests Medium In Progress freerdp3 5 weeks
Bug #2052575: [SRU] Update firmware to support autofocus Undecided In Progress linux-firmware-xilinx-ap1302 6 weeks
Bug #2060753: mailman3-web needs DEFAULT_AUTO_FIELD setting Undecided New mailman-suite 6 weeks
Bug #2025464: [MIR][jammy] oem-somerville-rattata-meta Undecided In Progress ubuntu 6 weeks
Bug #2060335: upower/1.90.2-8build3 autopkgtest failure on arm64 Undecided Fix Committed upower 6 weeks
Bug #2056099: [MIR] tree Undecided In Progress tree 6 weeks
Bug #2060293: mailman3-web needs Q_CLUSTER retry setting Undecided New mailman-suite 6 weeks
Bug #2060282: Giflib 5.2.2-1 fails to build High Fix Committed giflib 6 weeks
Bug #2060276: mailman3-web 0+20200530-2.1 fails to install Undecided New mailman-suite 6 weeks
Bug #1945661: openstack commands fail with GTK3 error Undecided Confirmed python-openstackclient 6 weeks
Bug #2058409: Install of tevlive-full hangs: tex/context/base/mkiv/l-sandbox.lua:180: module 'socket.core' not found Undecided Confirmed context 6 weeks
Bug #2054390: Refine proc mounts entries traversal Undecided In Progress cryptsetup 7 weeks
Bug #2058914: [FFe] python-pytest-flake8 FTBFS against python-flake8 7 Undecided Confirmed python-pytest-flake8 7 weeks
Bug #2058914: [FFe] python-pytest-flake8 FTBFS against python-flake8 7 Undecided Confirmed python-flake8 7 weeks
Bug #2033195: No sound on ASUS ROG Strix SCAR 16 G634JZ Undecided New alsa-driver 7 weeks
Bug #2059730: Focal 5.15 kernel apparmor mismatch missing snap_validate_preseed functionality in livecd-rootfs Undecided New livecd-rootfs 7 weeks
Bug #2059344: 3.0.34-3ubuntu1 autopkgtest failure Undecided New privoxy 7 weeks
Bug #2058692: black autopkgtest fails because python3-typed-ast no longer in archive Undecided New python-click 8 weeks
Bug #1970069: Annoying boot messages interfering with splash screen Medium Triaged systemd 8 weeks
Bug #2039468: flash-kernel can't be properly disabled Undecided New flash-kernel 9 weeks
Bug #2057965: google-startup-scripts runs before cloud-init finished network setup Undecided Confirmed google-guest-agent 9 weeks
Bug #2058013: Support Elan fp device [04F3:0C8C] Undecided New libfprint 9 weeks
Bug #2052929: failed autopkgtests for evolver vs glibc 2.39 on amd64 Undecided New evolver 10 weeks
Bug #2055345: sigil < 2.1.0 plugin support broken by Python 3.12 Undecided New sigil 11 weeks
Bug #2055304: openssl 3.0.2 backport IgnoreUnexpectedEOF ssl config option from 3.2 Undecided Confirmed openssl 12 weeks
Bug #2048388: Test suite often fails with "systemd units changed without reload" on s390x Undecided New wpa 12 weeks
Bug #2055296: qemu: virtio: bogus descriptor or out of resources Undecided New qemu 12 weeks
Bug #2055010: Gedit has an invalid regular expression, the error is not fatal, but immediately occurs at its start, additionally, it has a critical level GTK error as well Undecided New gedit 12 weeks

From: Zalán Hári

Bug #2054782: A typo in 2100-zfs-load-module.patch might cause unit to fail Undecided New zfs-linux 12 weeks
Bug #2048876: Allow server and pool sources to be overridden through a conf.d or sources.d configuration High Triaged chrony 12 weeks
Bug #2052986: faketime doesn't fake stat(1) or ls(1) timestamps after Ubuntu 20.10 Medium Fix Committed faketime 14 weeks
Bug #2052382: [os-prober] microcode still in grub.cfg after first update-grub Undecided Confirmed os-prober 15 weeks

From: Alban Ponche
Link: Patch file

Bug #2052381: [grub-mkconfig] Unable to modify current generating grub.cfg Undecided Confirmed grub2 15 weeks

From: Alban Ponche
Link: Patch file

Bug #2052364: Не удалось открыть файл «/usr/share/oregano/models//N-MOS.model»: Нет такого файла или каталога Undecided New oregano 15 weeks
Bug #2039441: "System is booting up. Unprivileged users are not permitted to log in yet." causes wait subcommand to fail Undecided Fix Committed cloud-init 15 weeks
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