redhat-config-samba should be included in Ubuntu

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Related bug: Bug 32067

Redhat ships a samba configuration tool called 'redhat-config-samba'. Ubuntu currently lacks a configuration tool for Samba, and this means users cannot log in from Windows machines to view . Ubuntu asks for a user name and password, but does not provide a graphical configuration tool to add any samba users, so many users are left in the dark and think Ubuntu can't talk to a Windows machine.

Ubuntu would probably use the CentOS-Red Hat-trademark-removed version of this program. download link for redhat-config-samba


This is easy to install on Ubuntu by converting the RPM to a .deb package with alien, and linking /usr/bin/python* to whatever version that tool wants.

Proof of user's having problem with Samba and no GUI configuration tools:

"....But I wasn't installing it on a notebook, it's on a desktop machine sharing a LAN with two XP and one Vista boxes. Vista and XP play happily together, doing all the file and printer sharing I need with absolutely no bother. The Ubuntu PC is a different matter entirely. I was advised, by friends who swear by Linux and at Microsoft, that I needed to install Samba, which I duly did. I am assured that Samba's sole purpose in life is to enable Linux and Windows machines to co-exist and cooperate on the same LAN.

Well, I've only been playing with computers since 1972 and I couldn't make it work. Linux can see the Windows boxes and vice versa, but any attempt to access files is met with a login dialogue box that refuses any username and password I enter. Now my learned friends tell me I should be using something called Wine. I've been a heavy user of wine for many years and it certainly helped relax me but did absolutely nothing for my connectivity dilemma.

So I've done what any normal person would do in the circumstances – give up. If the awfully-clever people who write bits of open source code can't make it work automatically, I stand absolutely no chance of fixing it. It looks very much to me as if people clever enough to write an entire operating system can't make a simple bit of networking work, it has to be a deliberate marketing decision rather than a lack of ability."


I've been trying to get the shared folder option working over ethernet. So I downloaded
the samba package and installed it.
Now I see the shared folder in my windows network neghborhood but I get asked for
a password. I'm not sure what the password is. It isn't my user password because it
won't take that. I don't recall setting any other passwords."

"No it just shows me a path to the folder that is shared and the only box I can fill
in is password.
Yes I know it's case sensitive. I enter it just the same as when I log onto linux.
There are no other passwords I have set that I know of."

This is just a small amount of the questions people ask the Ubuntuforums everyday, but this specific theme comes up so often.

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eppy 1 (choppy121212) wrote :
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Jason C Daniels (jason-c-daniels) wrote :

I've always used Webmin, and have always been able to get my XP box to see the shares. Actually I love webmin for most administrative tasks. Sure it's not always pretty, but it seems to get the job done.

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TomasHnyk (sup) wrote :

I believe system-config-samba is included in Gutsy, so I close this. If system-config-samba is different from redhat-config-samba, feel free to reopen this.

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TomasHnyk (sup) wrote :

I also mark this for Baltix since it seems to be based on Ubuntu and the last release seems to have happend after Gutsy was released so I hope it was based on it:

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