Comment 3 for bug 7839

(In reply to comment #0)
> This includes bug-buddy and reportbug. bug-buddy can talk to bugzilla, I
> think, so it should be modified to point to our bugzilla. reportbug can't,
> I don't think, so we need an email gateway for that, and it needs to be
> configured to send email.

Bug Buddy needs some extra server-side support that gnome cooked up themselves,
and isn't part of Bugzilla upstream. But they have it in cvs, so I grabbed a
copy and have most of it ported already to the bugzilla version we're using now
(gnome has an older version of Bugzilla and there's been schema changes).

As best I can tell, bug-buddy actually submits via email, too. It just grabs a
couple XML files off the server to get the product list and frequent bugs and so
forth to display to the user first. bug-buddy's submission email is an XML file
though (which gets fed to Bugzilla's XML import).

It's pretty easy to tell whether it's an XML file or not, so having both
bug-buddy and reportbug going to the same address shouldn't be a problem.