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2011-04-29 14:47:44 andrey_campbell bug added bug
2011-04-29 18:26:46 andrey_campbell summary All QT apps are missing their tray icons in Natty/Unity Many apps are missing their tray icons in Natty/Unity
2011-04-29 18:29:47 andrey_campbell description All QT apps (at least those I've tried - many!) are missing their tray icons. This makes many apps unusable if they start minimized to tray by default. Is there at least a temporary workaround for this? Like sending a signal/message to a process/window to force it to foreground? The tray icons for many apps (especially QT apps) are missing! Important apps that become unusable after being minimized to tray - due to having no tray icon: * Pidgin * KeePass * JungleDisk UPDATE: I was able to fix it by setting the systray-whitelist to ['all'] as described here: I'm not setting this as invalid, as I'd like to have an answer from a developer. Is this acceptable? How can this be considered acceptable if it renders many popular applications unusable? It seems the user has to go through an arcane interface just to make some very popular applications like Pidgin usable?
2011-05-02 14:00:34 Sebastien Bacher ubuntu: importance Undecided Wishlist
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