Comment 2 for bug 752050

Ruben Ackerman (ackermrd) wrote :

Problem was: could not get wireless to work at all.
   I have now loaded/ upgraded to 11.10 (about 3 weeks ago 1st week of Oct.) Wireless now works, but the wireless light on the keyboard does not work yet (at all) as it does with earlier versions of Ubuntu . That's not a problem, as I can see the Icon on screen that I'm on line. It seems to log on to the Internet faster than my 10.10 now. (i.e. it is on line as soon as the screen comes up) 11.10 takes longer to log off though. I'm running dual boot either 10.10 or 11.10. Over all, 10.10 is faster as I have trouble with the buttons on the left side always popping up as I move the mouse to use the back arrow at the top left corner, sometimes they will not go away.
    Thanks for the follow up.

Ruben Ackerman