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Bug #644260 reported by Alan Pope 🍺🐧🐱 πŸ¦„
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Josh Holland

Bug Description

The Ubuntu manual is available in multiple languages and for different languages. It would be beneficial for it to be in the repository so people can easily install it using Software Center.

URL: http://ubuntu-manual.org/
License: CC-BY-SA
Notes: The manual is available as a PDF which could either be put in the repo, or this package could consist of a script which gets the PDF from the website (in the same way the flash and msttcorefont packages do). If scripted then it could determine the most appropriate language and the release from the user local settings perhaps?

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Josh Holland (jshholland) wrote :

Currently writing and packaging a script to do this.

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Bilal Akhtar (bilalakhtar) wrote :

Hell, had I come to this bug some time ago, I would have packaged ubuntu-manual!

Oh, and btw Josh, I can provide sponsorship for the package once you have done it.

Hey, am I forgetting something? Feature and Final freezes!

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Josh Holland (jshholland) wrote :

Yeah, the timing is pretty dismal. I'm just doing a packaging recipe in LP, dunno if that will help things, but it seems a cool thing to try out.

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AJenbo (ajenbo) wrote :

How will the user open the manual once it is installed?

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Alan Pope 🍺🐧🐱 πŸ¦„ (popey) wrote :

That depends on the way it's packaged. I understand the guys in #ubuntu-manual are working through the options at the moment. The primary concern of this bug is to get it build-able and packagable on ubuntu, once that works we can figure out the specifics of how a user discovers the manual.

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Marc Stewart (marc.stewart) wrote :

I wrote a .desktop file/Python script combo that put a launcher in the Applications menu and opened whichever version matched the current user's locale if available, or else the English version as a default. It's in my PPA "Ubuntu Manual" if anyone wants it.

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Alan Bell (alanbell) wrote :

I managed to run the makefile and build the manual in English including glossary and index from lp:ubuntu-manual on Maverick using texlive packages from the repos, the only non-repo build dependency was the ccicons font.

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Luke Jennings (ubuntujenkins) wrote :

I am packaging the ccicons font at the moment, I have a few small problems but I will try and upload tomorrow night.

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ζˆ‘ζ˜― Steppenwolf (jado92mx) wrote :

I can't see where to download the Ubuntu Manual Spanish PDF, neither ubuntu-manual.org or Launchpad. The Spanish version looks complete and ready to see the light, but I can't find it :(

Any idea? Benjamin, can you tell me if is something wrong? BTW, I was a continuous translator of the Ubuntu Manual, but some free time began to leak and the Ubuntu Spanish Translation Team got me out (but I can send suggestions).


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Vish (vish) wrote :

Bilal mentioned 3 options to fix this bug:
 <bilalakhtar> 1) The source package should contain the manual source and should be compiled and made into a binary when needed
 <bilalakhtar> 2) Just put a PDF in the source package that copies into /usr/share/doc
 <bilalakhtar> 3) Get the postinst script to download the required PDF according to the locale and install it (example of this approach is flashplugin-nonfree package)

of which option 1 is what popey likes too.

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Luke Jennings (ubuntujenkins) wrote :

We are aiming for option 1. I have packaged ccicons but talking to the debian latex maintainers it will be in texlive 2010 . This will not be in debian until after squeeze is released. We are going to find if we can help so that texlive 2010 can be packaged quicker as the team will require the packages at some point.

summary: - Please package ubuntu-manual
+ [needs-packaging] ubuntu-manual
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