Comment 25 for bug 459198

daviboy (david-davis-hotmail) wrote :

I too have had this problem and it was making me pull out what hair I have left. I uninstalled Ubuntu then when I tried to reinstall nothing but the BLINKING cursor in the left top hand corner. I came here and elsewhere but there were no solutions. In the end and for some unknown reason, I remounted the iso (ubuntu 9.10 amd 64) using nero rom but at 10X speed (i.e. low speed) - I honestly don't know why I did this but it's worked (I burnt on Verbatim CD-R using nero rom before as well!). I'm not saying it will help you guys but it's worked for me so I am duty bound to write to you - especially littlemouse whose comments I found on other sites. Please give it a go and If it does work for you please report back to help the likes of me who spent over 2 hours looking for solutions but did not find one decent explanation of help. Cheers