Freeze on Dosfsck

Bug #43222 reported by David Tester on 2006-05-06
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Bug Description

1) Installed live-cd dapper on my dell inspiron 8200 that has 4 partitions (swap, ntfs, fat32, ext3)

2) I chose to automount the ntfs and fat32 drives

3) Finish install (everything goes fine). Then reboot into the system for the first time

4) It freezes while running dosfsck (I let it run for 10 minutes, then my hard drive started sounding funny so I killed it).

I fixed it by booting back into the live-cd, mounting my ext3 drive and changing /etc/fstab so that it doesn't check those drives

David Tester (david-g-tester) wrote :

Sorry: This happened on Dapper Beta, not Dapper itself.

David Tester (david-g-tester) wrote :

Sorry again: This is in Dapper Beta 1. I just noticed that there's a 2nd one.

Tony Rick (tonyr-hevanet) wrote :

Just an observation. fsck on drives with MS
format types (FAT, FAT16, FAT32,NTFS) have not
been checked on boot until recently. /etc/fstab
used to have a 0 (zero) in the sixth field, meaning
"do not fsck on boot". Now, since sometime in the
Beta timeframe, there is a 1 (one) in that field,
meaning "fsck on boot with the same priority
as the root fs /". All MS type file systems appear
to be fsck'd with dosfsck (fskc.msdos, fsck.vfat).
I'm not sure there exists an fsck that does NTFS.

This appears to be fixed in dapper.

Onno Benschop (onno-itmaze) wrote :

Hi, thank you for your bug report.

We've just been trying to reproduce this bug, but couldn't. Is there anything you can tell us about your computer that might give more information. For example:

* Was a specific file, or group of files, involved?
* What names did affected files have?
* Were they all in the same directory, what was the name of that directory?
* How big was the partition that contained the files?
* Which language was the file system?
* Was the file of a particular size?
* Was the file a Windows .lnk file?
* What other symptoms did you notice?

We realise that we're asking lots of questions, but the bug you reported has potentially been identified as being part of a problem tucked away in the internal workings of the operating system and if that is the case, it may affect many users.

Stefan and Onno

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