Kerberos, NFS4 and autofs issue

Bug #368155 reported by maxjos on 2009-04-27
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Bug Description

Ubuntu 9.04.

When mounting the users home folder over NFS4 using Kerberos with RPCGSSDOPTS="-n" set in /etc/defaults/nfs-common a kerberos ticket is acquired for the NFS service thus allowing for other autofs kerberized mounts to work as well. However, if home is not on kerberos NFS (local) and the user trying to access kerberized NFS exports after logging in, a NFS kerberos ticket will fail to be acquired and the user must go through several manual steps for kerberos to pick up an NFS ticket. This is one way to do it:

$ sudo kinit
$ sudo ls -l /mountpoint

At this point the automount will still fail as now the kerberos ticket is owned by root, however, if you change the owner of the ticket back to the original user, automount will be able to mount/access the kerberized NFS export. As mentioned at the beginning, this is not the case if the users home is NFS mounted as it seems to trigger a function that will automatically make Ubuntu acquire NFS kerberos ticket (machine credentials?). Note I'm not using client keytabs in this setup.

I've added some verbose logging to this to try and figure out what the issue could be but the strange thing is the logs say the same even if it is able to mount: rpc.gssd access denied errors and failed to create krb5 context for uid 0.

Is the mounting process by design? What triggers the mounts to work when $HOME is mounted over NFS and why do they fail if it is not?

PS: this should be pretty easy to replicate if you have a working krb5/nfs4/autofs setup, simply point the /home autofs to somewhere else like e.g. /tmphome. Add RPCGSSDOPTS="-n" in /etc/defaults/nfs-common and restart.

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