[Karmic] Shutdown, Restart, Etc. (Leave Functions) Not Found on "System" Sub-Menu

Bug #346907 reported by Craig Huffstetler on 2009-03-22
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Bug Description

In Jaunty the System > Leave function was taken off of the menu. I believe this is a usability and accessibility mistake.

The only way to access this now the less-than-vital fast-user-switch-applet. The fast-user-switch-applet is not accessible except by mouse. This poses accessibility problems for users with disabilities and users that simply want to user their keyboards. As far as usability is concerned, or simply users who do not want the fast-user-switch-applet installed, I find this of far greater concern.

I believe logically and for user interface reasons, for usability and accessibility, the System > Leave Function (for shutdown, restart, suspend, hibernate, or whatever the function may be) should be placed back on the System menu.

I found out that it is possible to shut down using the keyboard (assumes that you know alt-f1, but that's the same for the old method):
- Press Alt-F1 to open the main menu
- Using the arrow keys, navigate to the keyboard shortcut preferences
- Press enter
- Use the down/up keys to search for the entry "Move between panels and the desktop, using a popup window"
- See that it's Ctrl-Alt-Tab, press that until the top panel is focused.
- You want to go right, so press the right cursor key some times.
- Find out that this only iterates the menus, think of throwing your computer out of the window or a killing spree or something.
- Press escape and again Ctrl-Alt-Tab, try it with tab this time.
- Be happy that it works, press it a several times.
- Note that suddenly none of the items seems to be selected (before, they used to get a orange background one after the other)
- Press tab again, note that now the menu is selected again
- Assume that you had selected the user switcher applet before, press Ctrl-Tab.
- Press enter
Congratulations, you can now shut down your computer!

Proposed Solution:
Add that quit stuff back to the system menu. The panel thing may remain of course, users who don't like it will remove it anyway.

bloo (bloo) wrote :

I always remove this applet. I would really like to get these options back, or at least, have an option to re-enable it, although I think that what Craig says about usability makes a lot of sense and should be there by default.

Craig Huffstetler (xq) on 2009-03-27
description: updated
Paolo Benvenuto (donpaolo) wrote :

I confirm the need to have a simple keyboard shortcut to access the halt/reboot/etc menu. I'm using the keyboard for almost all, and having to use the mouse to log out, to halt, to reboot, etc., is quite annoying.

armo (r-mo) wrote :

I just found out that if you remove the fast-user-switch-applet from the panel the shutdown options reappear in the system menu :) Still seems strange to have removed them in the first place though.

Craig Huffstetler (xq) wrote :

armo, we found that out recently and we compared it to a few different circumstances (usability wise). Check out the latest comments over at bug 337775

Thanks for your input.

ctl alt F1 will open a special terminal (ctl alt F7 close it) login.
info reboot gives other options but ...
sudo reboot.
and it reboots.

Craig Huffstetler (xq) wrote :

I don't feel that is on topic with the usability bug at hand. We are talking about a GUI aspect of the "System" menu (found beside: Applications, Places...) in Gnome Window Manager.

People can always forcefully reboot using CTRL + ALT + DEL, or shutdown using:
shutdown -h
Or even reboot using:

But, again, we are trying to make this user friendly and usability sane. Why make someone go to a terminal to reboot? Or tap ALT + F2 and type in a command? Or to put the shutdown/reboot/logout commands back on their SYSTEM menu (what this thread is about) REMOVE the Fast User Switcher Applet from the far right which comes in Gnome by default?

Again, we compared this to "removing life vests from a small ship" or on a larger scale "removing life boats and life vests and all hopes of being rescued from a larger vessel" then guess what -- the rescue boat magically appears out of thin air when you remove the life vests, etc.

Because this is the concept: How would a user know to remove the life vests in a sinking vessel and a rescue boat appears?

In this case how does the user know to remove the Fast User Switcher Applet and then the Shutdown/Reboot/Logout functions appear normally in the System menu again? It makes absolutely no sense (in any, well, sense of the word).

summary: - [jaunty] Shutdown, Restart, Etc. (Leave Functions) Not Found on "System"
+ [Karmic] Shutdown, Restart, Etc. (Leave Functions) Not Found on "System"
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