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[needs-packaging] x2goserver&x2goclient

description: x2go is an internet enabled terminalserver with pulseaudio and sshfs support.

License: GPL2 and GPL3
Notes: X2goserver and the clients fpr GTK, QT and commandline are all licenced under GPL - there are no commercial licences involved. This is an special port for ubuntu with an "ready2use" installscript (postinstall), so that the x2goserver package is ready after installation. Because we need some of the nxlibs, we integrated as a special wish of the ubuntu community the original nomachine nxlibs (wether our patched versions in our debian repository). Please keep in mind, that this version only works on ubuntu 9.04.

There is an working repositry where you can test our ubuntu packages at

deb ubuntu main

you may find the source in the same repository:

or on launchpad: