there should be a way to install all debug libraries easily

Bug #303522 reported by N7DR on 2008-11-29
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I submit frequent bug reports to

Often these reports contain backtraces; but I often find myself in the situation that I only realise that a non-debug library for some particular application is installed AFTER a crash has occurred (because in that case the backtrace shows that debugging symbols weren't available in the library that was in use).

So I end up manually installing the debug library at that point (only after that particular application has crashed).

There should be some way in Kubuntu to say globally "install debug libraries" (or even something like "install debug libraries for standard KDE apps"), so that one can do the installation once and all applications will have debugging information available the first time that they crash.

goto (gotolaunchpad) wrote :

Yes, would be really great if this would be possible, but not only for KDE, also for gnome software. Would be best is apport (or KDE equivalent) would suggest automatically to install debug packages when a crash occurs.
I mark this as wishlist.

goto (gotolaunchpad) wrote :

N7DR: Do you think we can mark this as a duplicate of bug 304129?

N7DR (doc-evans) wrote :

Very good question. If one reads the two reports at face value, I don't think they're quite the same.

I think that the intention of 304129 is that after a crash, you should be presented with the capability install the debug libraries for the crashed application (at the moment, you have to go find them yourself and install them manually).

The purpose of this report is a bit different: to have one-click installation of all the possible debug libraries, even before the first application crash (i.e., something one would perform during or immediately after installing the system).

That's my understanding of the two reports, anyway.

goto (gotolaunchpad) wrote :

Okay, I see. Then we don't mark this as duplicates.
Although I think the solution in the other bug is more intuitive. (But that's not the question here)

Andres Mujica (andres.mujica) wrote :

Take into account that such a procedure exists and is explained at the wiki.

Normally you wouldn't want a normal person deciding if it needs or not to install debug libraries. In fact most probably they'll flee away from Ubuntu, and sure we don't want that.

However, is valid your point that it should be more easily, at least a link to the wiki page can do it

Daniel T Chen (crimsun) wrote :

(This request likely should be moved to brainstorm.)

N7DR (doc-evans) wrote :

Yes, I know how to do it. My principal point, though, is that in general one doesn't bother installing debug symbols for a particular application until after one's had a crash -- which is too late.

The ideal time to make the decision to install debug libraries would be during system installation.

I agree that for the vast majority of people, they shouldn't be messing with this, because the vast majority of people are never going to be submitting bug reports. For those of us who try had to provide meaningful bug reports as our contribution to help make [K]ubuntu better (by submitting reports either to launchpad or to, it would be tremendously helpful to be able to make the decision *once*, and then have the debug versions installed so that they are already present when a crash occurs. That way we can provide a meaningful backtrace without having to separately install new libraries and then hoping that the crash repeats itself (which it may not do for weeks or months).

"brainstorm" might be the appropriate place, because perhaps there's a better way than the way I'm suggesting. I'm just trying to think of a way to avoid two syndromes, both of which are currently all-too-common for those of us who habitually file bug reports:

1) "the program crashed; now I'll install debug symbols and hope that it crashes again"
2) "the program crashed and I'd installed debugging symbols for that application, but I didn't realise that it also uses library X and I didn't install the debug version of that library"

Linards Ticmanis (ticmanis) wrote :

Ideally, Synaptic should have a Menu option "install all matching -dbg packages" which will get all -dbg packages for currently installed packages. I seem to remember that at one point one Linux system I worked on had both that and "install all matching -dev packages" as well. Might have been an older Ubuntu, or an older SuSE Linux. My memory is a bit hazy on this.

Ideally such an option should stay on and automatically install and remove -dbg packages for all future package installations and removals.

Currently I'm clicking my way through the -dbg packages one by one, and installing everything that doesn't want to bring in any new non-dbg packages. Not very comfortable to say the least.

komputes (komputes) wrote :

I would like to notify you that has been proposed. I think Martin Pitt is the best person to take this decision and propose the best solution. Bug #75901 (Integrate apport-retrace into GUI) is close enough to this that they can be merged (mark as duplicate of that bug). If anyone objects, please let me know.

komputes (komputes) on 2011-08-15
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