[needs packaging] jameica and Hibiscus

Bug #205918 reported by Thermaltaker on 2008-03-24
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Hibiscus is a great open source banking software for german HBCI, and I would like to see it in ubuntu repositories.
Here is the offiziel website: http://www.willuhn.de/projects/hibiscus/
It is licensed under the GPL.

Best regards

Christian Mangold (neversfelde) wrote :

Hibiscus uses the jamaica GUI framework, which is also licensed under GPL (http://www.willuhn.de/projects/jameica/). Hibiscus itself is only a plugin for jameica, so jameica has to be packaged before.
I can confirm, that it is a nice software.

David Futcher (bobbo) wrote :

Thanks for the bug report. Confirming.

Thermaltaker (dennis-benndorf) wrote :

Is there nobody who wants to make a package from it?
Is there maybe an instuction guide where I can learn packeging by my self and after that uploading it to community?
There are many application I miss in the repositories...

Greetz therm

Thermaltaker (dennis-benndorf) wrote :

I now found packaging instructions myself and think I will finish packaging it at the weekend.
Is there anyone who would like to review it, in order to get it in jaunty?

description: updated
Thermaltaker (dennis-benndorf) wrote :

Jameica is now ready to be reviewed on revu: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/jameica
(Note that description issues are solved at this weekend.)

Thermaltaker (dennis-benndorf) wrote :

The packages are also in my PPA, because reviewing might take a time...


Alvaro Aleman (alvaroaleman) wrote :

I'd also like to see Hibiscus in one of the next releases. It's the best open source solution for that HBCI problem on Linux.

Christian Weiske (cweiske) wrote :

Thermaltaker, your PPA wants me to install a dozen packages - including Eclipse - even with disabled recommends:

$ aptitude install -R jameica

Die folgenden NEUEN Pakete werden zusätzlich installiert:

  eclipse-platform{a} eclipse-platform-data{a} eclipse-rcp{a} jameica javahelp2{a} jruby1.1{a}

  junit4{a} libapr1{a} libaprutil1{a} libbcprov-java{a} libcommons-beanutils-java{a}

  libcommons-cli-java{a} libcommons-codec-java{a} libcommons-collections3-java{a}

  libcommons-digester-java{a} libcommons-httpclient-java{a} libcommons-lang-java{a}

  libcommons-logging-java{a} libcommons-net-java{a} libcommons-openpgp-java{a} libdb-je-java{a}

  libdb4.6-java{a} libequinox-osgi-java{a} libfreemarker-java{a} libgcj-common{a}

  libh2database-java{a} libhamcrest-java{a} libini4j-java{a} libjaxme-java{a} libjaxp1.3-java{a}

  libjline-java{a} libjna-java{a} libjsch-java{a} libjtidy-java{a} liblog4j1.2-java{a}

  liblucene2-java{a} libmysql-java{a} libnanoxml2-java{a} libnb-ide11-java{a}

  libnb-platform10-java{a} libnb-svnclientadapter-java{a} liboro-java{a} libregexp-java{a}

  libsvn-java{a} libsvn1{a} libswing-layout-java{a} libswt-gtk-3.4-java{a} libswt-gtk-3.4-jni{a}

  libswt-gtk-3.5-java{a} libswt-gtk-3.5-jni{a} libswtcalendar-java{a} libwilluhnds-java{a}

  libwilluhnutil-java{a} libws-commons-util-java{a} libxerces2-java{a}

  libxml-commons-resolver1.1-java{a} libxmlrpc3-client-java{a} libxmlrpc3-common-java{a}

  subversion{a} velocity{a}

This can't be correct.

Thermaltaker (dennis-benndorf) wrote :

Jameica needs a part of eclipse and this part has its dependencies. I will try to find out how to reduce them.
As I told you via e-mail, its experimental at the moment and I just lack in time.

Thermaltaker (dennis-benndorf) wrote :

The packages for Hibiscus and Jameica in my PPA are now in a good state, but they are binary. Means they are shipped with the libs of the developer. Nevertheless they do the job ;-)

Andre (ajx) wrote :

@Thermaltaker I just tested your PPA on Lucid. It works great. Thank you!

Thermaltaker (dennis-benndorf) wrote :

@Andre Thank you for feedback. Good to hear that it is working for you.
After holidays I will look for other plugins of jameica to package.
Maybe a few of the bug subscribers could tell me which other plugin of jameica they use?

@Thermaltaker: The package for Jameica in your PPA does not work on my 64-bit Lucid. It seems that "jameica-linux64.jar" is missing. I replaced your
/usr/share/jameica/jameica-linux.jar with jameica-linux64.jar from Olaf Willuhns original package and changed its name to jameica-linux.jar. Now Jameica and Hibiscus are running without problems.

Thermaltaker (dennis-benndorf) wrote :

@Matthias: Yes you are right, I have packaged it 32-Bit only, let me see if I can change this. This will be available through updates.

Thermaltaker (dennis-benndorf) wrote :

@Matthias: Could you try the packages, it is uploaded but will take its time to build. Please remove the jameica package an delete /usr/share/jameica, because your jameica-linux.jar might be still there.

@Thermaltaker: I reinstalled everything but it does not work. The file jameica-linux64.jar now exists in /usr/share/jameica but jameica.sh tries to start jameica-linux.jar. If I edit jameica.sh so that it starts jameica-linux64.jar then Jameica and Hibiscus run fine. The shell script should somehow decide wheter it runs on 64-bit or not and then start the appropriate jar file.

Thermaltaker (dennis-benndorf) wrote :

Ok, I just added a patch that edits jameica.sh, so that it runs the right version using `uname`.
Could you please test this once again?

OK, another try on 64-bit Lucid. Lets see... Yes, it works! Thank you!

Thermaltaker (dennis-benndorf) wrote :

The patch to get 64-Bit Lucid running has been synced to upstream and will be available in the next release of jameica.

Thermaltaker (dennis-benndorf) wrote :

Hi @all,

the new version of Jameica and Hibiscus is on the way....
If you are using my ppa and have upgraded from lucid to maverick, please make sure your that you enable my ppa to get this update.


The file /usr/share/jameica/plugins/hibiscus/lib/libhbci4java-card-linux-64.so is missing in the current hibiscus package (1.12-0ubuntu1~ppa1). I had to copy it from the original version in order to make my card reader work on 64bit maverick.

Thermaltaker (dennis-benndorf) wrote :

Thanks Berend,

there will be an update of the hibiscus package this night, fixing the 64-bit problems and
a caching problem, described by upstream here: http://willuhn.de/blog/index.php?/archives/542-Cache-Fehler-beim-AEndern-von-Kategorien-in-Hibiscus-1.12.html

It would be great to have hibiscus in the repositories. I am using it as well. I reported bug #1104511 for it ;)

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