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Bug #187072 reported by Wouter Stomp on 2008-01-29
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Debian changelog:

 nmap (4.53-1) unstable; urgency=low

   [LaMont Jones]
   * Package New upstream release.
   * Cherry pick post-4.53 patches from [fyodor]. Closes: #459884
     - remove instances of .nse to prevent the docbook man page translation
       from wrongly including that string at the beginning of lines, which causes
       errors because nroff confuses it with the .ns nroff no-space mode command
     - regenerate man page -- remove instances of .nse to prevent the
       docbook man page translation from wrongly including that string at the
       beginning of lines, which causes errors because nroff confuses it with
       the .ns nroff no-space mode command


   * if nse's connect is issued on an open socket, close the old
     connection before
   * move the check, wheter a socket is open, before connecting it again to
     l_nsock_queued() - otherwise there are problems with the returned values..


   * qualify fingerprint name
   * spell-check, add 4.50 release announcement
   * improve a mysql signature (suggested by Lionel Cons)
   * sorting change, I think
   * remove a duplicate for rpc number 536870916, userd or vtsk. I kept vksd
     though without much research. I'm open to comments from people who think
     we should keep userd instead.
   * Added rpcinfo.nse script, which contacts a listening RPC portmapper
   * improve nginx detection. patch from Sven Klemm.
   * remove claim that using -v more than twice has no extra effect
   * o Fix a bunch of warning/error messages which contained an extra
   * o Fixed our Winpcap installer so that it waits for a Winpcap uninstall
   * o Fixed Winpcap installer to install the right version of Packet.dll
   * Update changelog and version numbers in preparation for 4.51BETA release
   * fix version number
   * update some links
   * update copyright line at the top of files from 1996-2006 to 1996-2008
   * remove duplicate crediting in an entry
   * o Fixed Nmap Winpcap installer to use CurrentVersion registry key on
   * add _ to the allowed workgroup name regex for netbios-ssn matchlines.
     Thanks to Bill Jaeger for the suggestion and partial patch
   * Update changelog, version numbers in prep for Nmap 4.52 release
   * trivial CHANGELOG adjustment
   * applied an nginx http proxy signature patch from Sven Klemm
   * Fix a problem which prevented proper port number matching in
     port_or_service() because the port variable passed to portnumber is
     shadowed by the variable passed during portrule check. Report and
     patch are from Sven Klemm
   * o Improved rpcinfo.nse to better sort and display available RPC
   * Remove own ntohl() and use packet.u32() instead. Patch from Sven Klemm
   * o Added UPnP-info NSE script by Thomas Buchanan. It gathers
   * o Impoved Windows executable installer by making uninstall work better
   * update version number and changelog in prep for upcoming 4.53 release


   * recommitting my r6499: "fix robots.nse output: remove robots.txt
     comments on disallowed entry lines"
   * Adding my strftime()-like conversion extensions to the logging functions
     (-oA, -oX, etc). This contains a CHANGELOG entry and refguide changes
     which (hopefully) sum it up pretty well.
   * okay, a change to r6530: the current %R and %T are being removed as
     colons are invalid chracters in Windows and Mac OS X filenames (thanks to
     jah for pointing out the problem on Windows). What was %r and %t are now
     the new %R and %T. All this means is that %r and %t are gone, and %R/%T
     are the same as with strftime() but without colons
   * adding CHANGELOG entry for r6529 (robots.nse output fix)
   * Add CHANGELOG entry for r6558: "Fix Zenmap crash when selecting Help from
     the Compare Results window. Path wasn't imported"
   * Adding new MySQLinfo NSE script for printing MySQL server information
   * Upgrading libpcre from version 7.2 to 7.4. Tested on Linux and Windows
   * Fixing build problem on Mac OS X; my mistake (typo)
   * adding nmap.fetchfile() function so scripts can find the nmap-* data files
   * updating rpcinfo.nse to use nmap.fetchfile() instead of having the huge
     RPC table
   * o Fixed multiple NSE scripts that weren't always properly closing their


   * Traceroute bugfix for when the first hop of the first host in a
     tracegroup (reference trace) times out. The previous patch did not
     completely solve the issue due to an erronous check on the ttl, now we
     use a dedicated boolean flag. Thanks to Sebastián García for the bug
     report and testing.


   * Document Zenmap r6535 in CHANGELOG.
   * Escape OS fingerprints when writing them to an XML log. OS fingerprint don't
   * Consider Windows paths starting with \ absolute when used with the
     --script option.
   * Document Zenmap r6539 in CHANGELOG.
   * Give credit for some recent CHANGELOG entries.
   * Use just PAGE_READWRITE, not PAGE_READONLY | PAGE_READWRITE in the call to
   * Fix the message printed when a host is skipped, for example on Windows when
   * Use the filename tag for file name extensions in zenmap.xml.
   * Fixed an error that showed itself on Windows when attempting to scan


   * Small bug in Polycom ViewStation match line
   * Changed some protocol names to remove trailing
   * Updated the IRC server info script to handle services
   * s modifiers added to many match lines.
   * I've seen "OpenBSD identd" on a linux box so I
   * Renamed irc-serv protocols to irc and added a couple
   * Moved BIND match line above a "catch all" line.
   * NSE --host-timeout support
   * NSE run-time interaction support
   * New OfficeScan probe from Tom Sellers

 -- LaMont Jones <email address hidden> Sun, 13 Jan 2008 02:07:40 -0700

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