Blue Quartz Cent OS log in issues with Ubuntu 7.10

Bug #186258 reported by Highlander on 2008-01-27
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Bug Description

Hi There;

I am a system admin on a number of Blue Quartz CentOS 4
I am testing the new version of Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop as a
replacement to Windows XP and found a real nasty bug in it.

Using Firefox, Opera, Konqueror or Epiphany and logging
into the GUI of the Blue Quartz webserver... It acts like it
logs in ok but no page shows after you enter the Login info.

I have tried several of my Blue Quartz servers with the same issue.
I also tried Ubuntu my Raq 4 Web servers and Ubuntu logs in OK

I use an IE6 import to linux seems to work but the
idea is not to have any MS software on any linux based

More info in Blue Quarts Webserver can be found here
You can actually d/l the iso and install it on a test box
I have loaded up BQ on a 400MHz 256 meg box with a 10 gig drive

My test box is a HP Pavilion XH136

As an additional note, this issue has showed with other people
on the Blue Quarts Lists and they noted that other Distros
with KDE works ok.

Franklin S Werren <email address hidden>

Download full text (90.3 KiB)

I noted I can view the source of the page ok....
I compaired the source from IE6 on Ubuntu and Firefox
Both appeared the same, Just Firefox will not view the page....

(For Security Reasons I edited the title page)

From IE6 on Ubuntu: ----->

<META HTTP-EQUIV="expires" CONTENT="-1">
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Pragma" CONTENT="no-cache">
<TITLE>admin logged in on Webserver</TITLE>
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript">
// global
var siteMap;
var isLogUi = false;

function init() {
  // get root from parameter
  var root = "root";

  // get tab configuration from parameter
  var isTabbed = true;
  if("" == "false")
    isTabbed = false;

  // build site map
  siteMap = new Object();
  top.siteMap = siteMap;
siteMap.base_personalMail = new top.code.mItem_Item("base_personalMail", "Webmail", "Access your personal Email with this browser based email client.", "", "", false, true, "", "", "");
siteMap.nuonce_base_ssh = new top.code.mItem_Item("nuonce_base_ssh", "SSH", "Use SSH To access your server", "", "/nuonce/remote/ssh.php", false, true, "", "", "");
siteMap.nuonce_remoteProfile = new top.code.mItem_Item("nuonce_remoteProfile", "Remote Access", "Access your server remotely", "", "", false, true, "", "", "");
siteMap.nuonce_mailwatch_user = new top.code.mItem_Item("nuonce_mailwatch_user", "MailWatch", "MailWatch is a tool used to release mail that has been caught.", "", "/nuonce/mailwatch/status.php", false, true, "", "", "");
siteMap.nuonce_vsite_mailwatch = new top.code.mItem_Item("nuonce_vsite_mailwatch", "Mailwatch", "Mail Watch", "", "/nuonce/mailwatch/status.php", false, true, "", "", "");
siteMap.nuonce_mailwatch_setup = new top.code.mItem_Item("nuonce_mailwatch_setup", "SQL Setup", "Mail Watch MySQL Setup", "", "/nuonce/mailwatch/setup.php", false, true, "", "", "");
siteMap.nuonce_mailwatch = new top.code.mItem_Item("nuonce_mailwatch", "Mailwatch", "Mail Watch", "", "/nuonce/mailwatch/index.php", false, true, "", "", "");
siteMap.nuonce_base_mysql = new top.code.mItem_Item("nuonce_base_mysql", "MySQL", "Mini MySQL Control Panel", "", "/nuonce/mysql/mysql.php", false, true, "", "", "");
siteMap.nuonce_clamav = new top.code.mItem_Item("nuonce_clamav", "Clam Anti Virus", "Monitor Clam AV and update it.", "", "/nuonce/clamav/clamav.php", false, true, "", "", "");
siteMap.nuonce_security_portsentry = new top.code.mItem_Item("nuonce_security_portsentry", "Port Sentry", "Options for Port Sentry", "", "/nuonce/security/portsentry.php", false, true, "", "", "");
siteMap.nuonce_security_confirm = new top.code.mItem_Item("nuonce_security_confirm", "Confirm / Activate", "Confirm your configuration", "", "/nuonce/security/confirm.php", false, true, "", "", "");
siteMap.nuonce_security_chkrootkit = new top.code.mItem_Item("nuonce_security_chkrootkit", "Check Root Kit", "Options for Check Root Kit", "", "/nuonce/security/checkrootkit.php", false, true, "", "", "");
siteMap.nuonce_security_fw_basic = new top.code.mItem_Item("nuonce_security_fw_basic", "Basic FW Setup", "Basic Firewall Configuration Setup", "", "/nuonce/security/basic.php", false, true, "", "", "");
siteMap.nuonce_security_lcap = new top.code.mItem_Item("n...

Pedro Villavicencio (pedro) wrote :

We are closing this bug report because it lacks the information we need to investigate the problem, as described in the previous comments. Please reopen it if you can give us the missing information, and don't hesitate to submit bug reports in the future. To reopen the bug report you can click on the current status, under the Status column, and change the Status back to "New". Thanks again!.

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