Comment 11 for bug 1773597

Roy Kimbrell (roy-kimbrell) wrote :

The latest Ubuntu update included Linux version 4.15.0-23-generic. This appears, after a single test after a reboot, to have allowed a FAT-formatted USB memory stick to be recognized and mounted. I opened the device and copied a file to it then unmounted it with no problem.

However, the encrypted device still does not work. When inserted, a dialog box appears that allows no input except in it. I entered the pass phrase, but nothing happened except the pass phrase (dots only) were spread out beyond their input area. The machine was effectively locked out. Previously, I had power cycled the machine to get out of this condition, but this time I had an appointment and just left it. When I returned several hours later, the dialog box had disappeared. Yet I was not able to access the device: a box with an error message appeared instead. Nor could it be ejected: "Writing data to Lexar USB Flash Drive Device should not be unplugged."