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I'll ask around but with the Holidays and two releases in the pipe it's not likely. We can certainly answer questions, and if you find something that needs to be fixed/changed in BDB XML let me know sooner than later so that we can get it into the next release.

Cheers, and thanks for doing this work!!! :)


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> I've finally found the time to check out the Debian package, but it
> won't build (the Debian folks know this,
> bin/sponsor-pkglist?action=details;package=dbxml). I've volunteered to
> fix this package.
> I've set up a repository at
> Anyone who'd like to help (Greg, got any developers with too much spare
> time on their hands?) can join in. As far as I can see, the errors are
> in the debian/rules file, where debhelper should be called with
> --sourcedirectory=dbxml.
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>  [needs-packaging] Oracle DBXML
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>  This is a request for packaging Oracles DBXML, a XML database system
> that provides command line tools as well as language extensions to
> access the databases. It's available under the Apache license.
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