[Regression] gnome-panel clock applet no longer displaying task/appointment list for exchange accounts (Ubuntu 7.10 beta)

Bug #148107 reported by Joey Espinosa on 2007-10-02
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Running GNOME 2.2, Ubuntu 7.10 beta, and Evolution 2.12, I can no longer see a list of my appointments/tasks when clicking on the clock applet in gnome-panel. When I was running Ubuntu 7.04, this feature was working 100%. I am using evolution-exchange, and using the exact same exchange account and calendar that I was using in 7.04. Now that I have 7.10 beta, it is no longer showing those appointments/tasks (or any new ones to that calendar). The appointments are showing within Evolution (in the Calendar section), but not in the gnome-panel's clock applet.

Also to note, when I add an appointment to another calendar not using an exchange account (such as the "Personal" calendar), the appointment shows up within the clock applet.

Please contact me if you need more information.

brimlar (brimlar) wrote :

I'd like to add that the above is also true for me: a clean install of Ubuntu 7.10 final, Gnome 2.20.0, and Evolution 2.12.0, and the only difference is that I connected to a Novell Groupwise server using the built-in wizard in Evolution.

I previously used these same settings with my Feisty (7.04) install and the clock applet in the upper right would show my appointments. Now it does not (under Gutsy.) HOWEVER, the numbers for dates in which I have appointments are bolded, which indicates that the clock applet is aware that I have appointments on those workdays -- it's just not listing them below the calendar like it used to.

brimlar (brimlar) wrote :

I'm guessing that either:

1) A default setting somewhere is different or changed and it's just a matter of finding it, or
2) The default clock applet wasn't compiled with the Evolution appointment support in it, because I just downloaded the International Clock Applet deb (as described in at http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Gutsy#International_Clock_Gnome_Applet_.28OpenSuse_contribution.29 ) and it is now working. (Even though this is not an official deb)

Just some thoughts.

Evolution's CalDAV calendar events aren't displayed in the gnome panel clock applet. Events from other calendars, such as local "On this computer" events, and Webcal events are displayed. The panel clocks calendar does indicate that there are events on that day, though, by writing that day in bold. This is the same way in Hardy.

I just installed the international clock applet that brimlar referred to, and that displays it properly. Since that applet appear to use our applet as a base, it should be faily easy to compare them and see what the problem is I think?

Stephen (sawjew) wrote :

This problem has recurred with Hardy beta.

Daniel Sargeant (dsargeant) wrote :

Confirming this in hardy.

brimlar (brimlar) wrote :

Apparently a similar bug posted has been posted in the Fedora forums about Fedora 9:


Jitsusama (joel-grrbrr) wrote :

I'm experiencing the exact same problem with Ubuntu Hardy version 8.04 with Clock Applet version 2.22.2 and Evolution version

I'm connecting to a Microsloth Exchange server. Anything in my personal calendar shows up under Appointments, but anything under my Exchange calendar does not. As already noticed, it does however flag in the month list of the calendar in the Clock Applet a bolded date indicating that an appointment is present for that day.

It's unfortunate, because as soon as I noticed this feature I got really excited... then slightly bummed when it didn't work :)

I should also note that my Exchange tasks DO show up, it's just my calendar items that do not.

brimlar (brimlar) wrote :

Just upgraded to Ibex (8.10), and I'm pleased to say that my appointments are showing up in the clock applet again. :) I am using Evolution connected to a Groupwise backend, as before.

Here is a screenshot as proof.

Thank you to whoever got this working.

Jean-Guy Nolet (lusu-tanis) wrote :

By the look of it this bug is back in Natty Ubuntu Classic.

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