Dual PIII crashes when using the keyboard

Bug #133885 reported by Anders Nylund on 2007-08-21
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Bug Description

Ubuntu version: feisty

The computer is an IBM intellistation with dual PIII 500MHzs. It is working flawlessly with one processor, but with two processors I can kill it in less than 10 seconds by rapidly typing random keypresses. It doesn't seem to be any difference what is running when I type, and it will crash sooner or later when using the keyboard in a normal fashion. It is totally stable for every purpose if I just don't tuch the keyboard. I can surf for hours, watch video, transcode video, mythbackend running with mythweb, remote login with nomachines nx... just don't tuch the keyboard.

And by crashing I meen a total freeze, only power off will recover.

I'm using Feisty now, but the same bug was also present with Edgy.

Anders Nylund (nylund-anders) wrote :

More Information:
I tried logging into a text console. I couldn't get it to freeze by typing there like in an X session. It will however freeze by typing rapidly into the graphical login window. I'm using a matrox G450 graphics card, with driver mga. I also tried swithing to the vesa driver instead, but it still freezes in the same way.

Anders Nylund (nylund-anders) wrote :

More information:
Tried changing graphics card to a radeon 7500 using ati driver. No change, still freezing.

Anders Nylund (nylund-anders) wrote :

Network upgraded to Gutsy. It still freezes when typing furiously on the keyboard, but it now takes significantly longer, >30 seconds. So now it's more or less usable, ie. won't crash every five minute any more when logged in locally.

Thank you for taking the time to report this bug and helping to make Ubuntu better. You reported this bug a while ago and there hasn't been any activity in it recently. We were wondering is this still an issue for you? Can you try with latest Ubuntu release? Also, have you tried using a different keyboard?

Thanks in advance.

Anders Nylund (nylund-anders) wrote :

That computer recently broke down and doesn't boot anymore, so as far as I'm concerned the bug can be expired. I have not tried hardy, nor as I remember a different keyboard.

Sorry to hear about the computer.

Closing this report.


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