If using XGL+Beryl, some java window cannot show its menu.

Bug #120342 reported by Xing Dongsheng on 2007-06-14
This bug report is a duplicate of:  Bug #118983: compiz & java windows always grey. Edit Remove
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I am using 7.04 x86_64. I started XGL+Beryl in GNOME. If I start some Java-based GUI window (Such as Matlab 2007a for Linux), then the Java-based GUI window 's menu is shown as a blank area without any menu text. If I click mouse on the position of menu (such as "file"), then the menu list could be shown and every menu item is valid. Though the bug does not effect using Java-window too much, but I still wish this bug can be fixed.
thank you very much

giacomoi (giacomo-ethz) wrote :

I confirm this. I am using Feisty + Compiz on a thinkpad t60 with ATI graphics card. Matlab 7.4.0 does not show menu text in new windows (e.g. in figures), even though they are active. This does not happen when using a standard Gnome session, so it must be related to java + XGL and/of fglrx driver.

this problem is solved. do the following in the terminal

 1. type : export AWT_TOOLKIT=MToolkit

 then start your matlab from the terminal. Now you must have things going smooth. I tried and it worked for me.

giacomoi (giacomo-ethz) wrote :

Yes, this solution is mentioned also elsewhere (e.g. Beryl forums). And it works for me too, Thank you!

hordan (simen-kvaal) wrote :

This is great! I had the exact same problem (ThinkPad T6+p + Ubunty 7.04 + Beryl / Xgl, running Matlab) but now it's 100% perfect, using the above fix.

A further tip is to include the export command above just at the top of the Matlab executable script; at my computer it is located in /usr/local/matlab74/bin/matlab.

Thank you all!

davie (daviemoston) wrote :

this is probably a duplicate of #124562

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