neomagic + xfce teminal = xfce restart

Bug #116483 reported by marceli on 2007-05-23
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Bug Description

I'm using Neomagic NM2360 [MagicMegia 256ZX] VGA card.
While using vesa driver everything works fine. After swich to neomagic driver there is a problem with launch terminal in xfce (the default "terminal" programm in xubuntu 7.04). After launch it the X server restarts itself and I have to login again. The problem was seriously when I had open terminal in saved session on vesa driver and then swiched to neomagic. I was not able to login at all. I erased all setings for my user and then I was able to login again. Then , after few X restarts I figured out that it was becouse the terminial.
In Xorg.log there is only info that the server got signal 11.

I'm using xubuntu 7.04 on Dell Latitude CSx (PIII 500MHz, 128MB RAM).

Steps to reproduce:
1. set the neomagic as video driver in xorg conf
2. start the "terminal" in xfce4

Jim Campbell (jwcampbell) wrote :


This is a duplicate of this bug ( ), but you should be able to remedy the situation by logging in to an xterm session, and modifying your xorg.conf file to use 16-bit default graphics instead of 24-bit graphics.

please try the following:

As for X crashing when you open the terminal, I recommend the following:

To do this, you'll need to boot into an xterm session, so when the login
screen comes up, click on the Sessions icon, and select Terminal session or
something similar (I don't have a Xubuntu install with me at the moment).

* navigate to your /etc/X11 folder and make a backup copy of your xorg.conf
file. You can do this by entering:
cd /etc/X11
sudo cp xorg.conf xorg.conf_backup

* edit your xorg.conf file, changing the default depth from 24 to 16. You can
do this by entering:
sudo nano xorg.conf
. . . then scroll down to the Screen section, and find the DefaultDepth
option. Change that number to 16.

*press control-o (letter "O") to save the file, then press control-x to exit
the nano text editor.

Then exit from the xterm session, and it should bring you back to the login
window. Select an Xfce session from the session button, and proceed to login
as usual.

I hope this helps! Sorry it is kind of a non-pretty way to do things, but
it's hard to tell you to enter these changes into a regular terminal when the
regular terminal crashes your X session! I think that this should work,
though . . . It's a known issue on older machines, and I've helped 3 or 4
people to fix their systems using this approach.

Also, please reply back if this fix worked for you. Thanks!

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