Comment 1926 for bug 1

রিং (toshazed) wrote :

Hi I am Shazedur Rahim Joardar Ring from Bangladesh. In here the vendors like hp and dell brings up the laptops with Ubuntu or OpenSuse pre-installed but when it reaches to the peoples hand it got the distros demolished by the IT support people of the retailers and fenestra (synonym of MS ..) is loaded with some pirated software like photoshop, maya etc. This is how bad it is going so far.

Since 2011 in here in Bangladesh, FOSS Bangladesh had organized 80+ events in the various universities, colleges and schools to aware the next generation-the pupils about the freedom or liberation they need in the digital world. We had also organized some "GNU/Linux installation fest" to give real end user support. We had forums in local languages in here in Bangladesh where the end users are getting online support in using distros like Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, OpenSuse etc.

Approximately 500K peoples get noticed about their freedom, get the end user support and began their fight for their freedom in the digital world and makes sure it sustained since 2011.

Now a days pupils of various universities in here goes to the market with pen drives with live distros and checkout the hardwares before buying them, if those happily working with ubuntu or not!

This is how this Bug#1 is going to be fixed, someday near future. But we shouldn't get relaxed of thinking that, the Fix will sustain forever. We all need to raise our voice and make it loud to louder for our freedom. Every day, Every second of it needs hard labour for being liberated. :)