Comment 1919 for bug 1

Post scriptum: IMHO as the description of bug 1 shows it is pretty
obvious that the bug is not solved so I do not understand why it's
status is "fix released".

> This bug is widely evident in the PC industry.
> Steps to repeat:
> 1. Visit a local PC store.
> 2. Attempt to buy a machine without any proprietary software.
> What happens:
> Almost always, a majority of PCs for sale have Microsoft Windows pre-
> installed. In the rare cases that they come with a GNU/Linux operating
> system or no operating system at all, the drivers and BIOS may be
> proprietary.
> What should happen:
> A majority of the PCs for sale should include only free software.

This is simply not the case. Sorry for repeating, but it seems to me
that somehow the original idea has been forgotten. And a smartphone is
not a PC and a tablet isn't either! I do not know a single person
using a smart phone or tablet as a replacement for the PC - in best
case those mobile devices are used _in addition to_ PC or laptop.

Best regards, Martin.