Comment 1916 for bug 1

This is the time for this bug to be expanded and moved to any other bug-tracker that's not part of canonical group ltd.
There are so many issues to be addressed, ie. "the company I believed for more than a decade is turning back on my principles"
I understand that having a Linux container on windows is profitable for many people who's already running windows on their servers.
But I must stand in the other side what about ms office running on native Ubuntu? At most we can struggle to have ms office 2010 running with wine libraries, but having power-point videos in this set-up isn't supported neither by Microsoft nor wine nor Canonical.
This leaves us, the users and developers in a huge, asymmetrically driven race condition.
At this moment I have the exact same feeling as being ruled by an authoritative government.
The involved companies are operating in the same corruption of world states and their corrupted slug.
I can't stand for ubuntu nor canonical any more, it is a huge disillusion.

As a side note, I must state that the orthographic correction on this site doesn't like ubuntu nor microsoft but Ubuntu and Microsoft, so please give a thought about how linguistics influence our decisions, and if you should follow " THE STANDARD" or just give away.