Comment 1902 for bug 1

2015-05-22 21:19 GMT+02:00 mohican <email address hidden>:

> ***Ubuntu need to be sold pre-installed on 100% compatible harware.***
> But this is not enough, people will not buy PCs with an alternative OS on
> it. People buy PCs with Windows because they know it and expect it to work
> 100% (or they install a cracked version of Windows on their new PC) - or -
> if they can afford it - they buy Macs*.
> *In the last years a lot of people have switched from PCs to Macs. This
> was a lost opportunity for GNU/Linux. But it is not too late.
Add to this that it must at least support the latest LTS. My Dell M4800 is
still only supporting 12.04.x (which has issues solved in later versions,
but might never be backported) even though 14.04 LTS is there.