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"The 11.10 was a bit of a nightmare for a lot of us and the 11.04 (6months earlier) was even worse."

The thing I always remembered about 11.10 was that I would get some stupid error message stating that it couldn't update after a week or two of installing, another time I used ubuntu 10.04 on a laptop with a celeron CPU (1.6GHz) and it was soo slow, then I updated the kernel to 3.5.4, it was fast but there was a wireless bug that caused the wireless to drop out. (I was mainly doing experements on it, so I didn't really need the Internet, but I did need it inititally though)

"I found this article very interesting and it put across the key ideas much better than i could. It's a bit old but it's well worth reading"

I remember reading a similar article about Linux and viruses right before I started using Linux.

After I tried ubuntu on the netbook, I ended up doing a fork from lubuntu (as lubuntu ran nicely on it). And there is Zero viruses on all of the distros. That is why I love open source!