Comment 1783 for bug 1

Firstly I report bugs that I find if I am on the internet when they occur.

Secondly I am sorry if I come across as looking for trouble, but what I say is what I think could help combat this bug.

Thirdly, when I was asking about overclocking I meant that there was no 'Custom Setting' sort of overclocking feature that allows the user to push the clock speed past the design speed of the cpu. (Ie. Pushing a cpu designed at 1.215Ghz to 2.1Ghz) The other thing is that a lot of computers don't have the overclocking feature in their bios. I do know however that Windoze has programs that do the overclocking on computers that don't have the feature. (I only have 2 computers that can be overclocked out of a dozen, one is a pentium 2 and the other is an AMD Athlon XP)

Something I forgot to add in my last post is that when I first used ubuntu I actually bought the CD's from canocal, to be accurate is was that pack that came with Ubuntu 11.10, Kubuntu 11.10 and Ubuntu server 11.10. The first computer I installed it on was my Toshiba satellite L30.