Comment 1781 for bug 1

To all those who are asking:

Firstly: I initially installed ubuntu 12.10 beta on the computer I am using now, I downloaded it from the offical daily builds. After that I directly upgraded to 13.04.

Secondly: I do have the apport package, It will only start spamming about program crashes after apport is installed.

Thirdly: The computer I am using origionally did have windows Vista on it. (It was very, very slow and it had a virus of some sort), but now it has only Ubuntu 13.04 on it.

Fouthly: I have the Wine emulator.

Fithly: I have other computers with ubuntu on them, same problem under the same conditions.

Sixthly: The whole reason I swithched to Ubuntu was because of those damn viruses. (The origional computer I used ran XP, and got a 'super' virus that stopped me using ever way I knew to distroy it.)