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On Sat, Jan 26, 2013 at 4:04 PM, Tom <email address hidden> wrote:
> Thanks for the off-list help there Marin :) Should help improve my relationship with my boss :)

Sounds familiar to me... ;-)

> Programs need to operate without constantly asking the
> users permissions but have they all really been totally re-written so
> that they never need SuperUser permissions?

I don't think so - with Windows 7 (or XP service pack something don't
know exactly), Windows even learned the symlink thing which can help
here (however most windows folks still don't know that they can do
this now using mklink... ;-) ).

> Have you tried surfing with cookies being totally blocked? Even gives a dozen pop-up asking
> you to accept this or that cookie with no real detail about the individual cookies.

It's not only the cookies - on several sites you already have to allow
some included third-party web-site-java-scripting (either referencing
to other websites) to allow display of advertising until they show you
the real site content. So they urge you to view the advertising also -
otherwise nothing. But this affects every OS putting them on a higher

> I know what you mean about not wanting to be just better and safer but really being safe.
> [...]
> In Windows it seems the slightest thing can cause problems.

I was also able to keep my Windows clean of Viruses - until 2009 where
I fully switched - because I had my ad- and script-blockers and I know
where to pay attention and what not to do. But there are plenty of
people, even working in IT, who get viruses because they forget to be

I would be really interestet in hearing the opinion of an expert if
Linux is really safer than Windows or only the fact that >90% of users
running Windows make that OS the most attacked ones at client side. I
am pretty sure that at server-side there is full attention of hackers
is on Linux-machines but I don't know anything about statistics how
many Linux servers get hijacked to end up in a bot-net.

Best regards, Martin.