Comment 1769 for bug 1

Here are some suggestions to help fix this bug:

Firstly something that would appeal to the gaming market is an overclocking and underclocking feature, as some people prefer to do overclocking in their OS, but we don't appear to have any such programs. And other groups like to underclock their laptops to help fix overheating problems..

Secondly, something really needs to stop is Ubuntu spamming error messages when there is a problem.
For example when Ubuntu has lost it's internet connection it will spam you to type the password in atleast half a dozen times, and when a program has crashed apport wil spam you to report the problem atleast half a dozen times.

Thirdly, we NEED some form of advertising, as Micro$oft has almost fallen of its throne. Ads on the TV (For example) that tell people that Linux is the most secure OS ever and doen't get viruses would get people to make the switch. (But would the switch also cause undetected security problems to show themselves after being exploited by hackers?)

Fourthly: Stability. Ubuntu definatly needs a netbook version again, as Ubuntu runs horribly on intel atom processors and lags like hell (I tried running Ubuntu on a 1.6Ghz dual-core intel atom that had 1gb of ram). However smaller distros like lubuntu seem to work well. Also, something as stupid as nautilus crashing when idle needs to be fixed.