Comment 1765 for bug 1

I would say two things, one intellectual an one moral:

- The intellectual: no one really knows why some important decisions are taken in certain direction in this project. For example like why in the Ubuntu One Client naming jumping the promise of branding "Ubuntu" only the project itself , offering privative software in the Software Center, prohibiting the selling of Ubuntu CDs, violating the European laws about digital privacy with the dash search, and using beta and unmaintained software for building the alpha versions. Many people perhaps will figure themselves, but not sharing the whys clearly is mostly completely destroying the culture of the project.

- The moral: this bug's description say "a majority of the PCs for sale should include only free software", so this won't fit Ubuntu. I left Windows because I felt its software was bad and unsustainable, and later realized it was because of not being libre. Except for videogames, which are a pieces of software with their own peculiarities, I don't feel I'm using privative software although in Ubuntu. Privative software is buggy, inefficient, restrictive, malicious, and worse if you are not using Windows. This reasoning doesn't begin with freedom, but begins with software quality and leads to software freedom.