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pirast (pirast) wrote :

Hi Ma, thanks for your commitment :)
The Dell support does not have a clue, and on the Ubuntu-side I only have the option to rely on community based support.

Basically, I am just trying to draw attention of officials to this problem.

Personally, it really saddens me because I've been a free software advocate and have been using Ubuntu since 4.10.
Now I think that some things are going into the wrong direction :
- Amazon integrated into search
- bad hardware support for "certified" systems, while manpower goes into supporting Google Nexus (!! what for if even normal laptops are not supported well)
- manpower used to develop multiple desktop environments (GNOME 3, Unity, none of it being perfect), while I know much more severe desktop bugs that might be worth looking into
- little given back to upstream (i.e. for GTK, there is one person full-time working on it, and hes not employed by Canonical)
- still (since 2006) no results in making third party software easier to install and manage on all products of the Linux platform (see

I'm not really requesting any help, because for sure there is a way to somehow compile a newer mouse driver supporting my alps touchpad, to take a newer kernel improving fan control and run it with tweaked power options (I guess I'd somehow figure it out).
But after installing Windows and having it almost running perfectly after 30 minutes (while I miss apt/yum package management), I have given up. Maybe I will have a look at Ubuntu/Linux in 1 year again, and I would be really happy if those things would be fixed, but I'm not that positive about it to be honest.