Comment 1748 for bug 1

On 12/10/2012 03:35 AM, Martin Wildam wrote:

> Oh, maybe I shouldn't tell anybody that I am using Linux. This is
> usually one of the first things I tell just to ensure the cause of the
> (compatibility) problem can be found faster. - But you are right, I
> should also pay back with a little ignorance.

This is one of my frustrations with ATT. When on the phone with support
if I say the word Linux, they instantly respond "Oh, we don't support
Linux." I reply, "I do not need you to support Linux. I can do that.
I need you to support your DSL."

> I never accept a job if they don't allow me to use Ubuntu. Usually
> they do, but then I am facing hurdles. Nothing impossible to get over,
> but leaving a lot of annoyances to remember or workarounds I need to
> do on a daily basis. I play it the other way round: My base system is
> Ubuntu and I have the Virtualbox-installation of Windows.

I do not have any Windows on my laptop, nor any VM. In the few places
where a Windows desktop was required, they provided it as a VM.