Comment 1747 for bug 1

On Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 10:02 AM, Graham <email address hidden> wrote:
> I deal with agencies, consultancies and clients and all through I have used Linux machines to do my business.
> Very rarely I have a stubborn customer who insists you use some Microsoft package.
> Once I go round the roundabout of complaining it doesn't work (but not telling them why)
> they will allow you to provide a solution which works and move on.

Oh, maybe I shouldn't tell anybody that I am using Linux. This is
usually one of the first things I tell just to ensure the cause of the
(compatibility) problem can be found faster. - But you are right, I
should also pay back with a little ignorance.

> Again I have a strategy for this, which basically involves installing Ubuntu
> into virtualbox on whatever equipment they provide, then after a couple of weeks setting
> up dual boot and continuing with that.

I never accept a job if they don't allow me to use Ubuntu. Usually
they do, but then I am facing hurdles. Nothing impossible to get over,
but leaving a lot of annoyances to remember or workarounds I need to
do on a daily basis. I play it the other way round: My base system is
Ubuntu and I have the Virtualbox-installation of Windows.

> I usually avoid telling the client I have set up dual boot since this starts the FUD again, but they usually never ask.

Not sure if the next time I would prefer not to say it. Would be a
problem if they then use internal stuff that is an absolute no-go for
me. If I tell them first and have it as a precondition to even start
working there, I have more arguments that they need to at least
provide the minimum required environment to use Thunderbird for
example (e.g. activating the IMAP service at the Microsoft Exchange

Best regards, Martin.