Comment 1729 for bug 1

On Tue, Nov 13, 2012 at 9:43 PM, Ma Xiaojun <email address hidden> wrote:
> I wonder how much we should care about mobile market.

Apart from phone-calling the mobile market (tablets and smartphones)
is mostly for consuming (web surfing, news-reading, video, ...).

A "real" computer (laptop, desktop or at least netbook) is needed for
production work (design, book-writing, software-development, CAD,
image-editing and -processing, desktop-publishing, ...).

Both types of work (consumption such as news reading can be a needed
part of work for several jobs) are required and must be considered in
general. This does not necessarily mean that both worlds must be
considered in bug 1.

> We really need certain share in desktop market.

Although some say the PC era is over - I don't share this opinion.
Maybe the desktop-era is over, but certainly not the laptop-era. So I
agree that desktop market is still a needed focus.

> Even in mobile market, Google's Linux based Android is successful. Other Linux based system virtually all failed.

Indeed, agree.

> It's a pleasure for me and probably other "life hackers" to see Ubuntu runs on Nexus 7.
> But this kind of stuff won't change the market landscape in any way.

Not sure, from all attempts to have one OS for desktop and mobile I
think, Ubuntu is doing the best job here - OS looks more the same on
both platforms (mobile and desktop) which helps all people having
troubles using technical stuff - or docking your smart phone into a
docking station with big screen, mouse and keyboard and have your
working desktop there looks nice. However, there are a few
implications with this scenario:
a) Have a fitting docking station wherever you go. - Requires a
certain market share until this can be expected.
Otherwise no gain as you would need to carry your own docking station around.
b) Having enough power and battery life in your smart phone.
Otherwise laptop or netbook makes a lot more sense.
c) People want using their computer on many different places.
Otherwise they are still perfectly fine with their desktop PC. There
are people using the computer mainly at work or mainly at home and
while on the road just checking email or doing minimum internet
surfing (for which the smart phone is enough). IT people often apply
their thoughts of computer use to others which is often not a valid

So, to make a long story short, yes, desktop market should still be a
major focus and the mobile market should probably be handled on a
different bug. BTW: Bug 2 seems to be still not set yet and could be
used for that. ;-)