Comment 1715 for bug 1

On Mon, Oct 1, 2012 at 2:37 AM, houstonbofh <email address hidden> wrote:
> In the rush to be everything to the new user, the experienced user is
> being thrown under the bus. (You may argue that this is not your
> intent, but the view from under the bus says intent is not the only
> issue.) I have not seen an exodus like this since Windows ME. And it
> is not just Unity

I like unity although I consider myself to be a power-user. It's not
unity that is the problem and since 12.04 it works quite well.
However, there are a few extremely annoying details (samples see
buglist I posted before) that should get fixed before implementing new
stuff. Finish one thing before introducing more new and unstable
stuff. Already now I am worrying about wayland - although I perfectly
understand and appreciate that decision, I worry there will be major
issues in the beginning that makes it unusable for at least two
versions of Ubuntu.

It's the same as you don't need to talk somebody about
self-fulfillment, who doesn't have a flat to live in. The basics must
be solved before you can take it up to the next level.

> (I still recommend it for
> non-technical new users and tablet fans.) It is far to risky.

I also trying to get Ubuntu spread - but a) I do not try to talk
somebody into Ubuntu any more, I just tell them to choose a
distribution they like and b) yes, I also feel be more on the risky
side than ever (although there are different reasons for that which
are not all the fault of Canonical).

> In the rush to get the new people, I am seeing something I had not seen
> in the Ubuntu community before; Churn. Churn is expensive, and is a
> regression towards fixing Bug1.

I didn't know the word "Chrun" and looked it up in the dictionary
getting several very different translations. Pretty sure, I don't get
you right here.

Best regards, Martin.