Comment 1714 for bug 1

On 09/30/2012 05:33 PM, Martin Wildam wrote:
> On Sat, Sep 29, 2012 at 5:28 PM, Guruprasad <email address hidden> wrote:
> While funny on one side, it seems that some more important issues are
> overlooked currently:

I would say far more than funny. :) But also, quite sad.

In the rush to be everything to the new user, the experienced user is
being thrown under the bus. (You may argue that this is not your
intent, but the view from under the bus says intent is not the only
issue.) I have not seen an exodus like this since Windows ME. And it
is not just Unity (since now you can get full Gnome 2 functionality
without to many ugly hacks) or the Amazon ads (since your can turn them
off) or the dumping of the alternate install disk, a tool without which
this system I am typing on currently now could not have been installed
on. (Graphics glitch which while fixable, it required changing things on
the install and a reboot, something hard to do on a Live CD)

It is the fact that over and over (including in the humorous thread
listed) we are being told we are wrong. (Example
) We are being told that they way we choose to do things is not the way
they should be done, and if we don't like it, go to Lubuntu. The thing
is that when you do that, you loose people. (Not just to Lubuntu, but
you loose the spirit they once had.) I still promote Ubuntu, but not
like I once did. I was the recruitment guy for the Houston LoCo. I
sponsored Ubuntu hours, and launch parties. I even mentioned Ubuntu in
an InformationWeek interview. I worked to get Ubuntu installed on
Desktops in two different companies I worked in since I started using
Breezy, but I would not do so now. (I still recommend it for
non-technical new users and tablet fans.) It is far to risky.

In the rush to get the new people, I am seeing something I had not seen
in the Ubuntu community before; Churn. Churn is expensive, and is a
regression towards fixing Bug1. I am not saying the direction you are
going is a bad one. Just to look at the people you are leaving behind...