Comment 1713 for bug 1

On Sat, Sep 29, 2012 at 5:28 PM, Guruprasad <email address hidden> wrote:

While funny on one side, it seems that some more important issues are
overlooked currently:

"ubuntu 12.04 completely freezes frequently."
"This bug affects you and 305 other people"...

"Window management - Cursor position changes relative to window while
dragging windows"
"This bug affects you and 74 other people"...

"Automatic remount of safely removed drive"
"This bug affects you and 68 other people"...

"Dragging and holding a selection over an entry in the Launcher should
spread out windows belonging to that application"
"This bug affects you and 114 other people"...

"pdftops CUPS filter has several problems"
"This bug affects you and 50 other people"...

"xmlcopyeditor does not start - needs a no-change rebuild in both
Precise and Quantal"
"This bug affects you and 34 other people"...

"Drag & Drop of browser links to the desktop does nothing"
"This bug affects you" (wonder why only affects me - however, bug is

"Error while burning - some files may be corrupted on the disc"
"This bug affects you and 28 other people"

Just to mention a few...

Sincerely, I give a s... on Amazon search results in the Dash - at
least not until all of the above are fixed.

Best regards, Martin.