Comment 1692 for bug 1

Hein (hhanssen) wrote :

Ubuntu looks nice and tries to copy the Apple way, but in an open source manner. That's not bad. What is bad is that you can't get Ubuntu Hardware. That's Apple's strength: if you buy an Apple you know it just works. If you buy Windows you know your hardware will most probably work as this is the most widespread system for desktop computers. If you download and install Ubuntu you need luck and/or knowledge to get things (hardware and software) going. It took almost 2 years before my atheros network card in my laptop was supported by default and Bluetooth still doesn't work.

Need software for your Blackberry? available for Windows and OSX and of course not for Ubuntu. Need to sync your Android device? : not possible with Ubuntu. Need a scanner: no problem for Windows or OSX: just look for the respective logos on the box in the shops. Linux: search for supported devices, read what features are or are not supported, and try to get this (mostly outdated) model.

Cannonical should team up with hardware manufacturers, open a Web Shop and start selling hardware that works with Ubuntu out of the box: just like Apple does, but it an open manner. It doesn't need to be an Ubuntu-branded product, though it would be nice to see beautiful orange colored hardware on desks as a statement.

And we desperately need: ebooks, music, etc. It's still very annoying that I can't easily buy ebooks with Ubuntu; I'll have to rune adode digital editions either with wine or in virtualbox.