Comment 18 for bug 237995

To be honest I don't use xvidcap anymore, it's just too unreliable. I tend to use recordmydesktop. The reason for doing the separate audio and video was (2 years ago) mostly as a result of a limitation in the software. In that recordmydesktop would (and still does sometimes) lose sync between audio and video during the recording.

The procedure on the site was really initially a 'how I do it', not a 'you must do it like this', but I can see how it can be seen that way.

The second point you make was pretty much the way I'd liked it to go. Personally I have a dual boot system with one environment pretty much pristine, just for screencasting.

Ideally I'd like to scrap the pages that we have about "how-to" and start a fresh. I'd value your input for the way you do your screencasts. is the main page we link to, and is the one that needs a bullet to the head IMO. Opinions?