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Stefano Zacchiroli (zack-debian) wrote : Re: debian: giving credit where due

Hi Matthew, thanks for your prompt reply.

Hi must admit I'm not that aware about the actual (and supposed) structure of
the website. So I'll start by describing *what* I think should be
mentioned, maybe you can help me out in understanding *where* such stuff should
be put?

Out of my mind 3 aspects of the ubuntu/debian realtionship should be mentioned

1) the role of Debian in the history of Ubuntu (as you suggested). Where Ubuntu
started from and possibly (though maybe too prone to future changes) the impact
of that in Ubuntu technologies (e.g. dpkg-based packages, apt, ...)

2) the role of Debian packages in Ubuntu package workflow. Here I'm mainly
thinking at universe packages which AFAIK are Debian packages + (possibly) MOTU
patches + automatic rebuild. But also the role of Debian packages in the "core"
Ubuntu packages, though on this I don't know the facts so maybe Debian packages
have no role at all there ...

3) the nice collaboration efforts on big sets of packages shared by Debian and
Ubuntu. For example, assuming my memory is not faulty, teams like
maintainers and Python maintainers in Debian and Ubuntu are working quite
closely together. Such nice big initiatives shared by the two distributions are
worth to be mentioned

Note that of course all the above is my personal point of view, if you're
thinking more generally at how to deal with "marketing" relationships between
Debian and Ubuntu maybe it should be better to get in touch with the relevant
teams in Debian ... (let me know if you want me to try finding the needed
contacts). For the however moment the initiative of this bug report has been
mentioned on, so I guess other Debian-involved people will be
following this and can help with comments.